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MVC: Last Minute Tryout Check-List

It's finally April and we all know what that means... Open Auditions are only a few short days away! If you are still on the fence about trying out, just do it! Personally, going to Open Auditions four years ago was a life changing day for me. It sparked a fire in me that I didn't know was waiting to be lit and I am so grateful that my sister dragged me along with her! So bring your friends and come dance with us at Open Auditions on April 11th. Who knows what could happen?

Here's some tips and other things you might want to consider doing for Saturday: 

-Print out a current resume and headshot to turn in

-Checkout our audition tab under MVC at

-Bring a drivers license or passport

-Pack some snacks and lots of water

-Come ready in clothes to dance in and wear warm ups over. Not sure what to wear? -Check out our Open Auditions photo gallery on or on our FaceBook page

-Start stretching now so you can perform your best. Don't forget your neck!

-Hydrate 3 days before ​ (I recommend  coconut water​ ​!)​

-Remember to bring your registration fee

There isn't a ton of room in the field house, but bring a small bag with water/snacks, items to touch up your hair/makeup and some extra tights.

Remember that the judges are looking for potential not perfection! So don't stress out. Just do your best and have tons of fun!

Best of luck!! Xoxo

​MVC ​ Brooke

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