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MVC: Junior Cheer Recap


On August 22nd we performed with our Jr cheerleaders and this year's junior cheer week was unlike any other. We started the week on a Tuesday with about 200 girls from age 3-14. The Jr. Cheerleaders were excited and so were the MVC! We were all eager to hear the Taylor Swift themed music, and learn the adorable choreography that we would be performing at the game on Saturday! We excitedly got through the 3 rehearsals that week, and all the preparation fell into place. Even with the weather looking grim, we prepared to the best of our ability, and kept to our busy schedule. 

As game day arrived, it was decided that our halftime performance would be moved to pregame due to the poor weather forecast. Then, during our pregame rehearsal, the stadium had to be evacuated!! As a result, the plan had to revert back to the original one; to perform at halftime. However, due to another evacuation and delay of game, we had to shave off a few seconds of our song. The Jr. Cheerleaders (and their ROCKSTAR parents) did a fantastic job rolling with the changes, and nailed the performance. Overall, despite the tribulation, it ended up being a memorable performance and experience for everyone involved!

~Mariah, 2nd year

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