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MVC Home-Opener Gameday Reflection


We couldn't have asked for a better day for a football game! The sun was shining, but the air was cool with a nice breeze. I remember turning to Blair before the MVC ran out of the tunnel to exclaim, "Now this is football!"

This year the MVC are thrilled to be dancing a pre-game performance before each game at center field. This is an exciting addition to our pre-game tradition, which we as MVC always look forward to.  After our home-opener performance, we ran under the stadium, to gather in the tunnel where we sing our "Pump it Up" cheer.  Seconds later we ran out of the tunnel, leading our Vikings Players onto the field.  To add to the pre-game spectacle, as we sang the national anthem an unforgettable moment took place.  Surprised emotions projected from fans around the stadium, as sky divers slowly descended onto the field; the last man carrying the American flag. So cool! I guess those are the types of stunts you can pull off when your stadium doesn't have a roof! 

As if the crowd wasn't already pumped up for the game, now everyone was on their feet, hopeful and excited! The Vikings started off on a great foot, scoring early in the first quarter. Although we didn't find ourselves celebrating in the end, I know that a lot was learned with this loss. And also, another unforgettable moment was painted in my memory that I will cherish forever!

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Your MVC, Dani

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