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MVC Glamour Captain: Saral Passes the Torch


The past two years I have been given the opportunity to serve the team as the Glamour Captain or "GC" as we like to call it. Fans, friends, family often ask "… And what does that entail?" Although I could never give a full job description without writing a full paperback book I can give a broad view of the title.

The glamour captain

​*E-mails out ALL packing lists to the team to make sure that they are fully prepared at all times. ​(This includes for practices, game and trips.)​

  • Gives tips and tricks to girls to help perfect their MVC look.
  • Teaches  and reminds MVCs how to properly wash all game day costumes and warm ups.

*Sends reminder emails of things that are coming up to keep the team informed and prepared for what's ahead.

*Takes orders for merchandise and hands out all items once they have arrived from sponsors.

  • Motivates the team to continue to grow and perfect their NFL Glamour
  • Encompasses  the "Glamour of the North" look at all times
  • Carries extras of EVERYTHING always just in case

I was so lucky and felt so blessed to have been given this opportunity for two seasons. At our annual end of the year banquet last Friday I passed the GC torch to our bombshell, and one of my close friends, MVC JEANNE. I cannot wait to see the amazing things she does as the 2015 Glamour Captain. I know that she will do such an amazing job, I have the utmost confidence in her! I am just so proud and excited!

Until next time Vikes fans! S.K.O.L JEANNE!!!!

Saral, 4th year MVC​

(Picture from Left-Right: Jeanne, Saral)

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