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Monday Morning Mailbag: Biggest Early Season Surprise, Concern?

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Who will the top three receivers be versus Chicago this weekend? -- Philip Taylor

We'll find out when the game kicks off, but I will not be surprised if it's Michael Floyd who jumps into the top three, even though he's not practiced with the team since the end of the preseason. But don't forget about Kyle Rudolph. He's not a "receiver" as in a wide receiver, but he's one of our best pass catchers and I think he'll be the recipient of more targets in Chicago than he's seen in the last few weeks.

If Michael Floyd were a running back for the Vikings, he would be the second biggest back for us. He obviously has the strength and speed, so, what do you think of the idea of using him how the Packers have used Ty Montgomery? -- Larry Hagstrom

The thing to remember about Montgomery is that he played some running back before he got to the NFL, so that is perhaps part of why the Packers felt comfortable attempting to move him to that position a few seasons ago. Also, the Packers had great depth at wide receiver, and moving Montgomery to running back was a way to keep a talented player who may have had a hard time sticking on the roster at receiver. To my knowledge, Floyd doesn't have running back in his background, and it appears he'll have no trouble keeping a spot on the depth chart at wide receiver, so I see no reason to ask him to make a position change to running back.

What has been your biggest surprise of this team? And biggest concern? -- Travis Rothstein

The Vikings have allowed only five sacks in their first four games. I anticipated improvement from the offensive line, but I was also willing to give them time to generate synergy and I was willing to grant them forgiveness for some early-season struggles. Instead, though, the starters have hit the ground running together and I love what I'm seeing from the guys up front. As for a concern, it has to be health to offensive playmakers. We've already lost Sam Bradford for three games and we've lost Dalvin Cook for 12 games. In a League where the margin between victory and defeat is razor thin, it's incredibly difficult to survive long-term injuries to key players such as Bradford and Cook.

The comment in your recent Monday Morning Mailbag: "Vikings defense played lights out"…I don't know what game you were watching, but the game I saw was missed tackle after missed tackle. One of the worst tackling performance I've ever seen from the Vikings! Go back and watch the game and count all the missed tackles, if you can count that high! What a bogus statement! -- Larry Finch

There were too many missed tackles; I agree and you are correct about that. And we allowed too many rushing yards in the first half. But that is just part of the picture. We allowed only one touchdown all game, we held Detroit to 3.7 yards per play and we held Detroit to three of 13 on 3rd down. We also took Golden Tate out of the game, we sacked Matthew Stafford six times and we put the rest of the team in a position to win. The defense was indeed lights out.

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