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Meet the MVC Training Program


The 2016 MVC Training Program is a group of 34 women who were individually selected throughout the 2016 audition process. These women train every Tuesday at Winter Park to hopefully one day become future MVC. They practice dance technique, interview skills, cheer motions, life skills, and so much more. Aside from Tuesday practices, the team is able to dance alongside the MVC at the MVC junior cheer game halftime show and participate in the MVC Holiday Show at MOA. Being selected to be a part of the training program is a great accomplishment in itself, because every year the team is constantly evolving and getting better and better to attain the standards required to be a MVC. Training program is a group of talented women all pushing themselves, and each other, towards their ultimate goal.

Leading these women on a road to success are two amazing coaches, Beth and Jenna. Both of these women are MVC alumni who have been team captains and cover model during their MVC career. This will be Beth's 11th year coaching and everyone in the MVC community couldn't be happier to have such a tremendous coach return year after year. This will be Jenna's first year coaching, but with her extensive dance background and bubbly personality, she truly is a great addition to this coaching staff.

As a training program alumni from 2013-2015, I can personally say how grateful I am to have had the experience. Without my years on training program I wouldn't have acquired all the necessary skills to help me achieve my personal goal of becoming a MVC. Beth and Jenna do, and will keep doing, an exceptional job of helping these women achieve their fullest potential.

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SKOL! J -Cassie, 1st year MVC

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