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Meet the MVC Training Program


The MVC Training Program consists of a group of 22 beautiful & talented women who spend their Tuesdays at Winter Park training to become the future MVC. These women were individually selected from the 2014 MVC auditions process as high potential candidates for the future of the MVC. They practice interview skills, cheer motions, dance technique, and most importantly, make new friends! Aside from practicing for 2 hours on Tuesday nights, these ladies performed at a Vikings game earlier this season and the MVC Holiday show at Mall of America! Each year, TP gets better and better and is constantly evolving to capture the needs of the team. The ladies have been learning different styles in dance to help the group be as versatile as possible, and are pushing themselves towards their own personal best.

Helping these women achieve their goals are two amazing MVC alumni, Erin and Beth. Coaches Erin and Beth have been a large part of the MVC community since they auditioned for the first time! Some of their recognizable MVC accomplishments include, team captains, cover model and representing the Vikings at the pro bowl!  All of the MVC, past, present, and future look up to Erin and Beth for all they have done for the organization.

Training Program veteran, Jess, loves being a part of the Vikings family! As a second year team member, she is working harder than ever to wear the white boots!

"As a second year TP vet, I still look forward to each practice. Last year I worked hard on fitness, only to be injured for the second half of the season. Timing couldn't be worse. This year is injury free (knock on wood) as I continue to work on my fitness as well as my MVC style of dance. Performances are my absolute favorite part of TP. We just finished the MVC Holiday Show at MOA and it was a blast! I usually teach dance during the time of the performance. Instead of finding a substitute teacher for me, the dance studio took a field trip to come cheer me on!! It's great to expose our students to one of the local professional dancing opportunities. I hope someday my students wear the white boots!"

On a separate note, first year member, Emily, is having a great first year of being a part of the Vikings family! "Since I'm relatively new to the Twin Cities, being a part of TP has given me the opportunity to connect with ladies that have similar priorities to mine in the area. Working on self-improvement in a team setting has been really valuable – my supportive coaches and teammates create this amazing environment that really makes you want to work harder and get better."

As a member of the 2013-2014 Training Program, I can say that this program is truly exceptional! Erin and Beth do an AMAZING job of teaching the team the ins and outs of what it means to be an MVC and help each girl achieve their fullest potential. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had with the Training Program!

Which of these ladies will wear the boots in 2015?? Make sure to follow the MVC on Facebook and Twitter to find out!

Lots of love,

-Mariah, 1st year MVC

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