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Meet the MVC Staff


Do you ever wonder just how the MVC are able to do all that we do? Well, here is your answer. Our amazing MVC Staff! It was an honor to learn a bit more about our coaches and staff while writing this article. Our staff is the BEST and we are so thankful for all of their support. Get to know a little bit about each of them here!


Tami Krause is our fearless Leader! Our head coach and manager of all the MVC. This year, Tami has also taken a lead in developing the Vikings Women Initiatives within the organization. Tami was an MVC for 1 year prior to becoming the head coach of the organization. She has now been coaching the MVC for over 17 years! Her wisdom and experience has lead this team to where it is today. The Best in the NFL! Tami's favorite part about being the head coach is being able to work with the MVC, the MVC Staff, and the entire Vikings Organization. Her favorite players this season are Adam Thielen, and Adrian Peterson.


Theresa is a co-coach with Tami and Brianna, and also does all of our appearance coordinating! Theresa became an MVC in 2000, and continued her career through 2005. Theresa was also a team captain in 2004 and 2005, then went on to represent the MVC at the Pro Bowl in 2006! Theresa has been on staff ever since. Theresa loves to spend time with her husband and 3 kids. She loves DIY crafts, dancing, and fashion!


This is Brianna's 7th year as co-coach and coordinator along Tami and Theresa. Brianna is was able to spend 2 years as an MVC in 2004 and 2005. She is also the mastermind behind our Jr. Cheer program every year! Brianna loves how the staff and team work so well together. She really enjoys working for Tami and the amazing Vikings organization. Brianna's favorite Vikings player is Chad Greenway. She loves that he is very humble, hardworking, and loves how much both he and his family embrace the organization. Brianna say's there are too many favorite memories to pick just one, but that she cherishes them all along with the people she has meet while working for the Vikings.


Melissa is one of our amazing game day staff members! Mel was an MVC for 4 years and is now in her 7th season on the MVC staff. Her favorite part about being on the staff is being there firsthand to see how much the program grows each year, and to watch the MVC grow and improve year after year. Mel's favorite player is Adrian Peterson. Mel has so many memories, but one of her favorite moments is when Tami asked her to be a part of staff. She says it felt like the phone call you get then you make the MVC for the first time. She knew she was in for an amazing experience!


Kim was on MVC for 6 years, 1998-2003. She has now been on staff for 12 years! Her favorite part about being on staff is the friendships. She says they are a group that has fun working together, and is so supportive of each other throughout life! Kyle Rudolph is her favorite Vikings player. He son's name is Kyle and he loves that there is a Vikings player that shares his name! One of Kim's favorite memories is when she traveled to San Antonio Texas for a preseason game against the saints. The owner, Red McCombs had all of the players, staff and cheerleaders out to his ranch for dinner! The team then got to watch some "rookie hazing", which was the rookies singing to the veterans on the team: Cris Carter, Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss, just to name a few!


Lissa has been on staff now for 3 seasons after being on the team for 4 seasons. Lisa's favorite part of being on the staff is being able to bond with an amazing group of women while supporting the current MVC. Her favorite Vikings player is Teddy Bridgewater! One of her favorite memories this year was watching this years 2015 captains dance on stage with Aerosmith at the Hall of Fame Concert while we were in Canton Ohio.


Amy is entering her 14th year as an MVC staff member! She feels very blessed and grateful for the friendships she has made with such sting beautiful and talented women. He favorite Vikings player of all time is hands down Cris Carter. She also loves the "spark" that Bridgewater has and is eager to see him develop! One of her favorite memories is traveling to London and being at Wembley Stadium with the team. It was an amazing opportunity to meet so many international fans and she will remember so many incredible moments there with the MVC.


Jessie has entered her 5th year as an MVC staff member after completing 4 years as an MVC. Jessie loves to be a "cheerleader" for the cheerleaders. Having been a part of the team recently she has a strong understanding of what it takes to be an MVC mentally, physically, and also how demanding of one's time it is. Jessie's favorite player is Blair Walsh. She says it is a privilege to be behind the scenes to support the team with marketing, special events, game day, and help to carry on the legacy of being the Glamor of the North!


Tiffany has been on staff for 14 years after being an MVC for 2 years. Her favorite part about being on the staff is getting to work with the best women in the world. Her best friends. She can't imagine a better job! If Tiffany had to pick a favorite player it would be Chad Greenway. He has always been such a great player, family man, and a truly great leader on and off of the field with his personality and giving spirit. To end this article, here is an amazing memory Tiffany was able to share!

"I have many favorite memories I often reflect on…but my favorite would still be the game that Cris "all he does is catch touchdowns" Carter made his 1,000 reception. It was Thursday night football against division rivals the Detroit Lions, November 30, 2000. Electricity was in the air from the moment we entered the dome with triple the media coverage and the anticipation of this monumental moment which had only happened once before in league history. It had been talked about leading into the season, throughout the season, and heading into this game. Anyone who knew me, knew Cris Carter was my favorite player, he was always fun to watch making impossible catches. I was cheering on the sidelines as he made his 999 catch at the Lions 4 yard line to end first quarter play. My teammates were heading to the opposite end zone for our quarter break dance, yelling and waving at me to get down there - everything seaming like it was in slow motion at this point. I remember yelling "No!  I can't! You don't understand, we won't dance I can't!" I knew what was about to take place. There was media swarming around and a game action taking place feet in front of me. I knew, as did the Lions, that the next play would be a pass to Cris Carter in the end zone for a touchdown. Well, the MVC did not dance that particular end zone routine and it is honestly the only one I can remember not happening in the last 18 seasons, as history was about to take place for Cris Carter and our beloved franchise. It was a fairy tale ending. I am the blurred cheerleading you can see in mid jump in one of the most famous photos of THE CATCH. National media stopped the game at this point to honor the moment. And to top the night off, the franchise had embroidered a small number of CC1K caps. Our Director Tami, who knew how much I loved Cris Carter was given one of these caps. She ran over to me, slapped it on my head, and I proudly wore it for the remainder of the game. Cris Carters brother John, had a good time 3rd quarter trying to jokingly steal it from my head"

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