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Meet The MVC Staff


The MVC Staff play a tremendous role in ensuring all of the MVC programs succeed and improve year after year. The programs our staff members support include the MVC, Game Day, Training Program, All-Stars, and Prep Classes. All staff members are great leaders the MVC and members of these programs are blessed to be in the presence of. They support us in all we do and drive us to be the best we can be.

The MVC Game Day Staff include Kimberly Dorn, Jessie Gents, Amy Mrozek, Melissa Glancy, Tiffany Roisum-Zeller, and Lissa Steffan. These ladies play an important role of assisting with MVC game day logistics. They do everything from helping the MVC get ready in the locker room, escorting us to suite visits to chat with fans during the games, selling calendars before and during the games, overseeing the MVC in each corner of the field, and providing feedback to help us improve every game! In addition to Game Day, each staff member helps with power team, choreography, glamour, graphic design, and social media. They are motivating and inspiring women that all of the MVC look up to.

Beth Hoffman and Erin Newburg are in their 8th year as the Training Program coaches. They carefully selected a number of women from tryouts who they see as having great potential to one day be an MVC. Beth and Erin lead practice with the Training Program every Tuesday and focus on technique, dance style, glam and even living a healthy lifestyle. The members of the training program are getting great hands on experience and guidance as both Beth and Erin are MVC Almuni!

This year, the MVC All-Star coaches are Kristina Ferdig, Pam Gleason, Sarah Overby and Krisan Shimpa. These ladies, all MVC Alumni, work with four different MVC All-Star groups. The MVC All-Stars are a group of young girls who come to practice on Thursdays to work on their dance technique, and learn dances that they compete locally in the Spring. These four women choreograph all of the MVC All-Star routines, and are dedicated to having fun and coaching these young girls to improve their dancing and cheer skills!

Stephanie Baker and Laura Reed are the MVC Prep Class Coaches. A month and a half before tryouts, they host prep classes every Thursday to prepare MVC hopefuls of what to expect throughout the tryout process. They cover topics such as technique, the MVC dance style, cheering, how to balance the MVC lifestyle and much more.  As MVC Alumni, Stephanie and Laura know exactly what it takes to be an MVC and share their wealth of knowledge to best prepare ladies for tryouts.

Tami Krause, Theresa Baugus and Brianna Stepanek are the head coaches of the MVC. Every year, they work together to select 35 women they view as having the "whole package" to be members of the MVC. Characteristics they look for in women at tryouts include poise, intelligence, great dance style, technique, glamour and more. Tami, Theresa and Brianna were once MVC themselves before joining as staff members. These three women work with the MVC every week throughout the season to prepare us for games, events and appearances. We are so thankful for their continuous commitment to the MVC, and for leading us to be successful and driven women in all areas of our life.

The 17 MVC Staff members are dedicated women who lead the MVC programs to success every year. We are so lucky to have such wonderful women as role models in our lives! Thank you MVC Staff.

Written by,

Lauryn, 3rd year MVC

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