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Meet the MVC Rookies


This year on the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleading team there are 13 rookies that have shared many "firsts" together.  Five rookies share their first audition process together, while the other 8 were on the MVC Training Program before becoming an MVC.  They all share their first NFL game day experience in Canton, Ohio for the Hall of Fame Game.  This was their first team trip, the debut of the new MVC summer costume, and first Vikings win of the season.

Amanda is a proud graduate of University of St. Thomas and is a Merchandising Coordinator off the field.  Her hobbies include running, yoga, shopping, and being on a competitive volleyball team.  She also enjoys spending time with family and eating Angie's Kettle Corn! 

The youngest member of the MVC is Brooklyn and she is a student at the University of Minnesota.  Her favorite phone app is Pinterest, and also is a frequent Snap Chat user.  She competed as a Junior Olympic gymnast, and brings some of her gymnastic tricks on the field as an MVC. 

Hannah is a student pursuing a degree in Communications Journalism, from Prior Lake, MN.  She teaches dance at Center Stage Dance Studio, as well as choreographs flash mobs for wedding parties in her free time.  Her other hobbies include working out, exploring the many lakes in the metro area, and shopping.

Jessica is the Artistic Director at Studio Vibe Dance in Eagan where she teaches many styles of dance.  She graduated in just 3 years from the College of Design at the University of Minnesota, while working full time. Jessica enjoys updating her house with her husband, running with her dog, and winning in 2 fantasy football leagues. 

Originally from Bismarck, ND, Jordan graduated from North Dakota State University with honors.  Her passion off the field is the art of makeup.  She launched her own website specializing in complete looks including clothes, accessories, and of course makeup.  Jordan also runs her own beauty and wellness business. 

Outside of being an MVC Kali is a Finance and Accounting Consultant.  When she is not crunching numbers or dancing she enjoys rhinestoning, hanging out with friends, and playing with her Old English sheep dog.  If weather permits you will find her by a pool, otherwise Netflix is her way to relax. 

Karmen and Kirsten are the twins on the team, from Sioux Falls, SD.  Kirsten is a Social Studies Teacher, and Karmen is pursuing her Masters in Occupational Therapy.  They both like exploring, working out, playing with their 2 Labrador Retrievers, and spending time with family and friends.  Both enjoyed and competed with each other in the same activities including cheerleading, dance, and track.

Kelley is an R.N. in Labor and Delivery who is the mother of 3 tiny Yorkies.  She was the homecoming Queen of her high school.  Her and her husband love date nights together and Kelley also spends her free time working out, rhinestoning, or being outside in the summer months.

Once Miss Mankato, Kelsey M. is now in Commercial Real Estate and is in the process of getting her private pilot license.  This marathon runner likes working out, deep sea fishing, and a good steak.  Kelsey's favorite vacation spot is Florida and she spends weekends up on Gull Lake.     

From Lake City, Melissa E. is a Business Development Coordinator when she not being an MVC.  In college she was a double major in Dance and Mass Communications.  This chocolate lover spends her free time with her friends and family.  Melissa appreciates days spent boating, shopping, reading, or working out.  

Michaela is currently a student studying Radiography at St. Catherine University, with a goal of becoming a Radiation Therapist.  Her favorite stress reliever is baking pies, and claims to have a huge sweet tooth.  Michaela loves relaxing at the cabin, reading a good book, staying active, and boating.     

Nao is our rookie all the way from Nara, Japan.  She was a cheerleader in high school, at Kansai University, and in other professional sports in Japan.  Currently she is a banker, and dreams about running her own café.  Cooking, biking, and driving are activities that she enjoys during her free time.   

These ladies that share so many "firsts" also have a "last" in common as well.  They are all a part of the last MVC team to cheer outdoors at TCF Stadium.  All rookies can agree that we are looking forward to the new U.S. Bank Stadium, and hope we can make the team again next year to be a member of the first Minnesota Vikings Cheerleading team in the new stadium.   

-MVC Rookie Jess

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