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Meet the MVC​ ​Prep Class Coaches


We are so lucky to have two incredible MVC Alumni to lead our prep classes. Prep classes are a key portion to auditions because it allows ladies who are interested in auditioning for the team to get a feel for the MVC dance style and the MVC look. It can also really help with nerves going into Open Auditions because it gives you an idea of what to expect.

Stephanie and Laura have been leading the prep classes for the last several years, and they are the perfect combo for this role. Not only are they friendly and helpful, but they have both accomplished so much during their years as MVC.

Meet ​ Laura:

How many years were you on the team? 6

Which years? 2002-2007 seasons

What honors did you have on the team?  Captain for 3 years, Pro Bowl Cheerleader 2008, Calendar Cover Model 2007

Did you travel with the team? If so, to where?  Acapulco, Germany (Beach Boys), DC (Beach Boys), Hawaii, and more!

What was your favorite part of being a MVC?  Making life long friends and creating the best memories!

What other dance/cheer training do you have? I have been dancing since I was 3, I did studio for 15 years and was on my high school dance team, and I did the MN Swarm Performance Team for 1 year.

What advice do you have for MVC hopefuls?  Give it your all and be yourself!  Do everything you can to prepare so you can leave auditions with no regrets.

Why should MVC Hopefuls attend Prep Classes?  Before I auditioned I attended the Audition Workshop, and it blew my mind!  I had no idea that being an NFL Cheerleader is incredibly different and specialized compared to any other dance/performance "job".  I would have shown up in dance pants and a ponytail (which is totally fine, but might as well be a step ahead, right?)!  MVC dance style is also very specific and any kind of preparation you can do before auditioning or applying for any role is beneficial!  Just knowing where to go, being comfortable with the surroundings, seeing familiar faces, and not having to worry about any of that on the day of actual auditions will take a huge weight off your shoulders!  Plus, you get to hang out with Stephanie and me, and we are pretty fun. :)

Meet ​ Stephanie:

How many years were you on the team? 6

Which years? 2001-2006

What honors did you have on the team? Team Captain 2005 & 2006, Calendar Cover Model with Theresa and Brandi in 2005, Pro Bowl Cheerleader 2006

Did you travel with the team? If so, to where? Fort Hood (twice), Lackland Air Force Base and Hawaii

What were your favorite parts of being a MVC? The lifelong friends I made, volunteering with so many different charities/organizations and performing with all my teammates on game day!

What other dance/cheer training do you have? I started at a studio when I was 3 years old. I transitioned over to Larkin Dance Studio in 4th grade through high school and then I became an MVC my freshman year of college.

What advice do you have for MVC hopefuls? The first step is to come to Prep Classes and see what the team is all about. Be the best possible version of yourself at open auditions because you never know what the judges are looking for - you can't compare yourself to anyone else. Have fun and make friends throughout the entire process :)

Why should MVC Hopefuls attend Prep Classes? Tolearn MVC style and choreography, to feel the excitement of the new season, and to have fun!

Can't wait to see all the MVC hopefuls at prep classes!

​~​ Jeanne, 3rd year MVC

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