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Meet The 2014 MVC Captains


Kristin, 3rd year MVC, 2nd year Team Captain

Team Captain Kristin is a Minnesota Sports Team Dancing Professional.  She has not only cheered for the Minnesota Vikings, but also the Minnesota Swarm as well!  Before going pro, she danced as a 2 time National Champion on her college dance team. Outside of the MVC, Kristin loves to bike and run the many trails of the Twin Cities. She is a huge "foodie" and is constantly looking for new, fun places to eat!  The MVC benefit from Kristin's wealth of "Twin Cities" knowledge, as she is known for great referrals of places to explore. Kristin is also very career focused.  She currently works as a sales analyst for a local corporation. On her time off, Kristin loves to spend time with family and friends, she calls herself a "learning cook," and of course, her favorite time of the year is football season!

Lauryn, 3rd year MVC, 1st year Team Captain

Our Team Captain, Lauryn, best demonstrates the unique MVC dance technique and style.  Dance truly is one of Lauryn's greatest passions in life. Lauryn began her dance career when she was only 3 years old at a studio located in Plymouth, MN, formerly called "The Dance Shoppe." As she got older, Lauryn danced for both her high school dance team and college dance team, where she held a captain title for both teams. Today, Lauryn works for the largest photography company in North America in the Marketing department. She is also an assistant coach for the St. Thomas collegiate dance team who has won 8 National Champion titles! Look for Lauryn to help lead the MVC this year as they hit the field to dance.  Oh, and she is easy to spot, look for those beautiful long, blonde, spiral curls!**

Saral, 4th year MVC, 2nd year Glamour Captain

We call her our Glamour Captain, because she is that; expert and mentor for the MVC in ALL things glamour related.  Not only does she help to keep the MVC looking their best everyday through her numerous beauty tricks and tips, but she also helps to coordinate team appeal and attire.  In addition, she has become our MVC rhinestone connoisseur.  She literally helps the MVC sparkle from head-to-toe!  And as a captain, Saral does more than just look the part, but she is also a fantastic performer.  Saral was a competitive dancer growing up, and taught dance for a few years before becoming an MVC. She currently works as an Administration/ Recruiting Coordinator for a Fortune 500 company downtown Minneapolis. She likes to spend her spare time with her dog, or of course, rhinestoning anything in sight.  As Saral would say, "anything is better with a little glitz and glam!"

Jacqui, 5th year MVC, 1st year Team Captain 

Meet Team Captain, Jacqui, who the MVC team refers to as "Qui!" Jacqui's very eager to help lead our 2014 team at the U of M stadium this season! It won't be new grounds for her though, as she cheered at the infamous Bears game after the collapse of the Metrodome.  One of Jacqui's hobbies and passions is fitness.  She really enjoys strength training as part of her personal workout routine. Jacqui is the head of the MVC Fitness Committee this year, and will help the MVC become our most fit team yet!  Jacqui is an IT Recruiter by day, and enjoys helping her candidates find jobs! As a competitive and sales-minded individual, she thrives in her career and is one of the top recruiters in her company nation-wide.  Don't be fooled by her playful demeanor, she loves working hard and expects a lot from herself and her fellow teammates. If we could give her a tag line it would be "Work hard and have fun!"

Karen, 5th year MVC, 2nd year Team Captain

Team Captain Karen was born and raised in Minneapolis.  She loves everything "cities" related.  Karen is known for her Minneapolis "dining" pallet.  Any restaurant in the Minneapolis area, Karen has not only been there, but she knows the best entree on the menu! Karen also has a strong passion for evidence based strength training.  She is a fitness fanatic, who works out while listening to her favorite Minneapolis Hip Hop tunes.  And of course, Karen LOVES to dance! She has danced competitively, professionally, and has also coached. She even works at a local dance apparel/costume company. Outside of the MVC, Karen loves to spend time with her 3-year-old nephew. 

Kaylee, 6th year MVC, 3rd year Team Captain, Former Glamour Captain

Kaylee started her MVC career in 2009, with the explosive Brett Favre-NFC Championship Payoff run year.  It was an electric start to say the least! Through the years she has been a part of 4 military international tours (Iraq, Kuwait, Diego Garcia, & Okinawa.) Kaylee loves traveling the world and is eager for any adventure that life may bring! Though the NFL cheerleaders only cheer on the field at "home" games, through the past 5 years that has brought Kaylee to 4 different stadiums! (Hubert H. Humphrey Stadium, University of Minnesota TCF Bank Stadium, Ford Field in Detroit, and Wembley Stadium in London.) Kaylee is also a seasoned runner.  Look for her this year as she attempts her first FULL marathon during the Vikings "Bye" week, at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in October!

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