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Lunch Break, 6/4: Favre Offers Praise For Bridgewater

Sid Hartman of the **Star Tribune** caught up with former Vikings quarterback Brett Favre to ask the likely Hall of Fame quarterback about a recent visit to the Twin Cities.

Hartman asked Favre about his impressions of current Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater from his 2014 debut season.

Favre told Hartman:

*"I think (Bridgewater) had a really good year, for a rookie, I thought he had a really good year. I thought he played exceptional in college (at Louisville). I had a chance to meet him here at Winter Park a couple of days ago. I was very impressed with him. I'm impressed with his skills and the way he handled himself his first year. So I look forward to bigger and better things from him." *

*Favre said that after an exceptional rookie season, the big issue for Bridgewater going forward will be to maintain the trust of his teammates. *

"I think you have to win the support of your guys, and I'm not saying he hasn't done that, in the face of adversity, which he'll have that. I think he has done a good job of that. He has to show that he is the leader and he can make those plays when needed."

Favre's visit to the Vikings headquarters included the first meeting between he and Bridgewater, who recently told Chris Tomasson of the **Pioneer Press*** *that Favre's career is the one he'd most like to mirror. Tomasson asked Bridgewater about the meeting Wednesday during the Vikings visit to Falcon Heights Elementary School.

Bridgewater told Tomasson:

*"He just showed up and it was pretty cool. It was a big thrill to be meeting him, especially knowing that he's a guy I looked up to growing up (in Miami). To be able to meet him in person, it was an honor.'' *

*The two chatted for several minutes. Bridgewater was surprised to hear Favre had read about Bridgewater saying last month, "If I could be like any other quarterback that played in the National Football League, I would have to say Brett Favre.'' *

"He thanked me for the comments that I had made, and that was pretty cool,'' Bridgewater said of Favre, who concluded his 20-year NFL career by playing for the Vikings in 2009 and 2010.

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