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Lunch Break, 3/16: Smith Re-Elected to Lead NFLPA

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Mike Wallace's first day as a Viking.

The NFL Players Association on Sunday re-elected DeMaurice Smith to a third, three-year term as its executive director.

Representatives from all teams except Buffalo convened in Maui to hear campaign presentations from Smith and eight challengers. The results of the election were not announced, but Smith had at least the 16 votes he needed for a simple majority on just the first ballot.

Smith was first unanimously elected six years ago Monday and re-elected March 29, 2012, after running unopposed. This time he fended off challenges from former Vikings safety Robert Griffith, as well as Jim Acho, Jason Belser, Sean Gilbert, Rob London, Arthur McAfee, John Stufflebeem and Andrew Smith.

Andrew Brandt covered the 2015 election in his weekly "Business of Football" column for The Monday Morning Quarterback.

Brandt reported a campaign process that includes 40-minute presentations on Saturday, smaller question and answer sessions Sunday and "closing arguments" before the vote.

Brandt doesn't foresee much changing during this term because the Collective Bargaining Agreement that was reached in 2011 is scheduled to run through the 2020 season:

As a practical matter, the present three-year term for Smith will not consist of much in the way of CBA negotiations, with the collective bargaining agreement not expiring until after the 2020 season (a term far too long). In this regard, Smith's major ongoing role, at least until the next election in 2018, may be similar to what it has been: serving as a combative irritant to the NFL, pressing for change through legal challenges, and offering soapbox advocacy. Were we in a different time and place, with a CBA to negotiate, the players might well have moved toward a different type of leader.

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