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'Letters to Bud' Chapter 5: From the Fans, With Love


The final two chapters of "Letters to Bud" are near and dear to my heart in a whole different way than the first three installments.

We've spent the past three weeks showing you letters written by names that most likely were recognizable to many – from Richard Nixon and Archie Manning, to Bobby Bryant, to last week's Minnesota Ties featuring Herb Brooks and Halsey Hall.

The next two segments, however, are dedicated to the fans. Those who may or may not have met Bud Grant but felt a connection and deep respect for the Hall of Famer.

Elizabeth Merrigan, the opening letter featured in Chapter 5, was the first individual I interacted with when I started this project in 2016.

Immediately was drawn to her handwritten letter and sassy spirit, I decided to try finding her. After some Internet searching, I was able to track down a home address, and I figured – why not! – it would be fitting to hand write a letter of my own explaining the project. Within a week or two, Mrs. Merrigan and I were speaking over the phone, and she shared more of her story with me.

With each letter you'll read over the next two weeks, I connected with a handful of Vikings fans who had a unique and interesting story to tell … and I'm happy to share them with you.

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