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'Letters to Bud' Chapter 1: The Intro


Two years ago, I walked into Hall of Fame Head Coach Bud Grant's office for what I believed would be a brief interview and story for

While the interview met expectations of brevity (conversations are usually to the point with Coach Grant), our visit instead inspired a project much larger than I could have imagined that afternoon.

What I thought would be a conversation about one letter, written by Grant in response to a young fan in 1977, soon turned into so much more. Grant opened a file drawer in his office, and along with it, a glimpse into the love and respect he received, from writers of all ages and across the country, during his time at the helm.

And so began the project of carefully sorting through letter after letter – more than 250 of them, to be exact – that were written and mailed to the stoic leader.

Check out the Introduction for more about my interview with Grant, and stay tuned over the coming weeks as unveils the five chapters in our "Letters to Bud" content series.

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