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Josh Metellus Joins 'Good Morning Football' as 2-Day Guest Host

After being a longtime viewer of Good Morning Football, Vikings safety Josh Metellus had a surreal experience this week when he helped host back-to-back episodes.

Metellus joined co-hosts Jamie Erdahl and Peter Schrager, along with Cameron Wolfe, on NFL Network's Good Morning Football Wednesday and Thursday in leadup to Super Bowl LVIII.

"I was initially just so surprised that it happened so fast," commented Metellus, who had joined the show virtually last week and mentioned his interest in one day hosting. "I had told them I wanted to do it, so they were comfortable hitting me up right away and telling me to come on. I was really just excited … it was a great opportunity."

Metellus and his wife Haley, also a big fan of the TV program, made a 72-hour trip to New York City. The two enjoyed a bit of sightseeing and dining in the Big Apple in addition to their time at the studio.

"It was great," Metellus said. "Anytime I get to bring Haley to anything that's football-related, it's amazing because it's my work life. Anytime I get to bring her close to work, it shows her how special the job is."


If Metellus had any nerves about his first time hosting the show, he certainly didn't show it. The 26-year-old leaned whole-heartedly into the new opportunity and meshed well with the GMFB crew, whom he said made things easy.

He noted he "never felt stressed" and appreciated clear communication and planning from Erdahl, a Minnesota native, and the group.

"They did such a great job, and I'm grateful," he said.

Metellus joined Wolfe for a segment called "Bringing the Blitz," where he broke down plays from the Vikings games against the Chiefs and 49ers this past season. He also shared memories of his time under new Chargers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh at Michigan, and he even veered from football for a virtual interview with WWE Superstar Seth "Freakin" Rollins regarding Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's possible return for Wrestlemania XL.

But high among the highlights for Metellus was having his own segment on the show titled "Me-Tellus More" – "because we love fun plays on words here on Good Morning Football," Erdahl noted – and delving into all things Xs and Os.

Metellus previewed the upcoming Super Bowl matchup between the Chiefs and 49ers, saying both teams' head coaches "have a lot of bodies of work … and great players at their disposal to do a lot of different things."

He first offered thoughts on the Niners, whom the Vikings upset on Monday Night Football during the regular season.

Metellus pointed out San Francisco continues to heavily implement 21 personnel – a running back and fullback and tight end, along with two receivers – that isn't as common across the NFL.

"But that's like their base formation. First and second down, they love passing and running out of that," Metellus said. "So it's getting used to seeing [Kyle] Juszczyk as a fullback but lining up as a receiver and having to treat him as an actual receiver. And seeing him line up as a tight end and treating him as an actual tight end. Or seeing [running back Christian] McCaffery line up as a receiver and trying to treat him as a real receiver. The personnels get messed up … it gets you all over the place. These coaches do a great job."

The Vikings nearly also defeated the Chiefs but fell 27-20 to the defending Super Bowl champs in Week 5.

"Playing a quarterback like Mahomes makes you want to pull out your hair. You think you've got him. I remember countless times in that game, we had a third-and-[18], you think you've got him, he's sprinting back the other direction, he throws the ball off his back foot, they make the catch, get a first down, end up getting points later on in that drive. Always the improv, and you never know what he's going to do."

Wolfe also asked Metellus about the Vikings Week 14 matchup against the Raiders, in which Minnesota eked out a 3-0 win at Las Vegas.

Following the game, an NFL mic picked up Raiders linebacker Robert Spillane asking Metellus what position he actually plays, since he'd been all over the field (per usual) that afternoon.

"During the game, a couple other guys asked me about my position; I told them, 'I kind of just get in where I fit in,' " Metellus recalled. "But when [Spillane] asked me, my first reaction was to say, 'Everything.' Because in that game, I probably played four or five positions. So when he asked me, I told him 'everything.' "

Ironically, that also was the game during which FOX sideline reporter Laura Okmin pointed out Metellus had lined up at 12 different positions at one time or another during the season, and a corresponding graphic was shown on the broadcast.

"Fast forward 10 minutes [after talking to Spillane], when I walk into the locker room and grab my phone, I see the graphic that was out calling me 'Mr. Everything,' " Metellus laughed. "Playing 12 positions on a football team doesn't seem real, but when you look at the tape and see what we were able to do as a defense, it [shows it was] realistic and really fun."

Metellus explained that his current position with the Vikings is "everything I could dream for" after working so hard not only to get to the NFL but to be entrusted with so much responsibility.

"I don't see a better position for myself than being on the field playing every position, because I'm a team guy," he said. "Being a team guy, you've gotta be willing to … put in the extra work, learning more than what you're supposed to, being able to fit in and make a play whenever the team needs it.

"It was fun, man. I'm looking forward to getting back out there," Metellus added. "The season just ended, but I love football, I love making plays and I love helping the team win."