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Emma Graces the Cover of the 2018 MVC Calendar


From the day the new team is announced, the MVC are hard at work prepping for our first game, doing community events and learning choreography to perform for the best fans in the NFL. One of the first things we do as a full team is shoot our MVC calendar; this is an exciting time for rookies and vets alike.

Our annual calendar features all 42 MVC, which is unique. Most NFL cheerleading teams have a 12-month calendar with 12 chosen girls, but we are fortunate enough to feature our entire team in a 17-month format The 2018-19 calendar photos were shot inside, outside and around the Vikings new headquarters, Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center, which is beautiful down to every detail. We featured four of our signature costumes in the calendar this year, and we even got to show off our brand new one!

And how about that cover – I cannot think of a better representative to grace the cover of the calendar this year than Emma! I have had the pleasure of knowing Emma over the past two years, and she is the epitome of everything the MVC strive to be. This is what Emma had to say about the unveiling of the cover this year:

"I was so surprised! I didn't see it coming at all, but when it finally set in, I couldn't help but just feel so honored. It is a very humbling feeling."

I happened to be sitting across from Emma that night, and seeing her eyes well up with tears made my eyes well up, too. I have never met a more selfless, hardworking person in my entire life. Her smile is vivacious, and she is a gift to everyone around her. I am so very grateful and proud to have Emma as a teammate, and even more than that, a friend!

Cheers to Emma and a beautiful calendar filled with 42 diligent, selfless, world-class women!


MVC Hannah