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Cheerleaders 2014 Season Recap


Wow! I can't believe the football season is over! It went by so quickly, but what a great year! We had so many exciting opportunities this year and the best part about our season is that just because games are over, doesn't mean the MVC are done. We will still be at appearances around the state, so keep checking the website for more info.

Get a behind the scenes look at the making of the 2014 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders bio videos which will be on later this summer.

To take a quick look back, we started our season off at the end of April with our new team consisting of 12 rookies and 23 vets. With all the appearances and Summer rehearsals, the preseason came up quickly in August. We were so excited to switch it up and dance outside at the University of Minnesota's football stadium while the Vikings' new stadium is in the works. Those first few games were HOT, but it was so thrilling to dance outside under the stadium lights.

We were so fortunate to have nice weather that allowed us to wear our regular costumes for the first 6 games. We danced outside in our signature Vikings costumes for the last time at the November 2nd game against Washington.  For the remainder, we got to try out our brand new Winter attire from our sponsor "The Line Up." The Winter gear was great and added another new and fun dynamic to game day! Again, even though it was cold, we were lucky that the temps stayed above 0!

It was a great experience at the U of M stadium because everything was new to everyone. We really had to embrace this stadium as our new home and it was a good learning experience that made for a positive season for the MVC and the Vikings. Though the football team finished the season 7-9, this was a huge improvement, especially considering we had a raw-rookie quarterback, and a long injury list. This season made for some great and exciting games to cheer for!

In addition to the games, we had a great annual MVC Holiday Show in November, the MVC did a ton of appearances, 4 MVC traveled to Mexico, and we've made countless memories as the 2014 team. Looking forward, we will send Team Captain Kaylee to represent the MVC at the Probowl in January. We also have ladies traveling to Guam, Hawaii, Australia, and Alaska on Superbowl tours. So stay tuned for more MVC news!


Jeanne, 3rd year

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