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Barr's Thoughts on Vikings Selection of Kendricks

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr will be reunited with former Bruins teammate and college roommate, linebacker Eric Kendricks.

Here are Barr's thoughts on the selection of Kendricks at the 45th overall spot Friday:

Oh man, I can't believe it. That was my old college roommate. Things like this don't happen. It's crazy. I'm happy for him. Obviously, I'm a little biased but I think we got a great player. That's a great pick and I'm so happy right now. I feel like I just got drafted again.

What are you thinking as you see it's going to be a possibility and then it turns into reality?

I can't believe it. My friends are texting me because they're all at his draft party right now. He gets picked, and I'm like, 'No way this is happening right now.' It's crazy. It's really unbelievable. I couldn't be happier for him. I think obviously we got a great player and he's going to do a marvelous job for this football team.

What do you think he can bring to this team to help it continue to grow?

Leadership. He's a natural leader, a very hard worker and he loves the game of football. I think those things are just going to rub off on all the players in the locker room and people are going to gravitate toward him and we'll be good.

He's racked up more than 300 solo tackles. Is he always around the ball?

Yeah, he always finds the football. It's kind of crazy how he does it. He can take on blocks. He can cover the pass. He can make tough tackles. He's a great football player.

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