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Apart from Ordinary


Geji McKinney-Banks, the Vikings Director of Food Service, shared some ingredients to her success with young people earlier this month during a Celebrate Perseverance program at Winter Park.

In addition to leading the preparation of a delicious meal enjoyed by attendees that night, McKinney-Banks leads the operation of the kitchen and staff. She has perfected recipes as she's been promoted over the years.

McKinney-Banks first started with the Vikings in 1994, working full-time while she also was a full-time student. She has a gift and a passion for her craft.

"I'm not a stranger to hard work," McKinney-Banks explained to the young people. "My thing is, I really don't like the word ordinary. I don't believe in being ordinary. I like being someone that stands apart. I think it's important to set yourself apart from ordinary people to get where you want to be."

McKinney-Banks admitted her first intended profession was to follow her love for music, but she pivoted when that didn't work out.

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