The Vikings Audible: WR's Jefferson & Thielen On "The Griddy", Packers Week | 2022 Week 1

Welcome back! It's the 2022 Week 1 Episode of The Audible presented by 3M. Gabe Henderson is back and he's starting it off with a bang. Wide Receivers Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen join the show to kick off the new season. The guys jump in with some personal trivia (1:20), discuss the personalities of their fellow members in the Receiving room (12:45), look at the mindset they use to keep getting better (6:50), review the phenomenon of "The Griddy" (10:20), and look ahead to the big Border Battle with the Packers on Sunday (17:12). All of this and more is in the 2022 season kickoff episode of The Audible presented by 3M.

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