The Vikings Audible: Harrison Smith & Patrick Peterson Discuss Pick-Sixes, Veteran Knowledge | CHI | Week 5

It's Week 5 of the 'The Vikings Audible' presented by 3M and we've brought in a couple of savvy veterans. Gabe Henderson and Tatum Everett welcome Cornerback Patrick Peterson and Safety Harrison Smith to the show. Harry and Patrick discuss their fondest memories of their best interceptions in the NFL, why their chemistry has worked so well since Patrick joined the club, the ability to mind meld on the field and how they are able to share their past experiences with the youthful members of their position group to help benefit the team. All of this plus 'Two Truths And A Lie' and Harrison talks solo about his current experience as a father and how he feels as a savvy veteran at this stage of his career in the NFL.  All of this and more is in the Week 5 episode of 'The Vikings Audible' presented by 3M.

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