General Season Ticket Info

2012 Season Ticket Renewal Info

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Season Ticket Policies

Thank you for your continued support of the Minnesota Vikings and the NFL. We hope you find this section to be beneficial, however if you need further information please contact us directly at 612-338-4537.

Official legal information, payment procedures, and documentation for Vikings season ticket holders.  This is your resource for managing your account. Your account number is listed on all tickets and invoices.

Season Ticket Owner Super Bowl Lottery
If the Vikings are participating in a Super Bowl, a computerized lottery is held to determine which season ticket owners are eligible to purchase tickets.  Only those season ticket owners who have purchased all of their Divisional playoff game tickets are eligible for the Super Bowl Lottery. 

The number of chances that each season ticket owner will receive in the lottery is based on the number of consecutive years that such season ticket owner has held season tickets multiplied by the number of seats currently held.  Each lottery winner will be eligible to purchase two tickets to the Super Bowl. If the Vikings are not a Super Bowl participant, there will be no lottery for season ticket owners. 

Season Ticket Subscription Agreement - Terms and Conditions

The subscriber hereby acknowledges that any rights granted hereunder are in the nature of a personal revocable license. The Minnesota Vikings management will use its best efforts to annually allocate and license seats under various ticket plans but retains the rights to refuse, to renew, limit the number and determine the location of such seats.

Season Ticket licenses are transferable only to an immediate family member (spouse or child). The name that appears on the first line of the account is considered the Season Ticket Owner of record. Any violation will automatically void this subscription agreement.

The Vikings reserve the right to cancel a Season Ticket license for reasons including, but not limited to, the following: failure to meet payment deadlines; drunken, disorderly, or improper behavior.
The Season Ticket subscriber is responsible for the conduct of users of the tickets issued. Season Tickets are not refundable or exchangeable.

Season Ticket Cancellation Policy

No refunds or exchanges will be given once tickets have been purchased.

Season Ticket Payment Address

Minnesota Vikings Football Club, Inc.
S D S 12-0915
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55486-0915

Change of Address

Address changes must be submitted in writing by the ticket owner of record to the Ticket Office. A form is included on your ticket invoice, or you may send in a letter or postal change-of-address card. If the Season Tickets are registered to a business, the change of address is required on company letterhead. It is the Season Ticket Owner's responsibility to notify the Vikings Ticket Office of any change in address to insure prompt delivery of tickets and correspondence.

Transfer of Ownership

Please call the Vikings Ticket Office to obtain a transfer form. The name that appears on the first line of the account is considered the Season Ticket Owner of record. Individually owned Season Tickets are transferable only to an immediate family member (spouse or child). We ask that the Season Ticket Owner send a notarized letter requesting the transfer. In the event of a Season Ticket Owner's death, the rights for the tickets go to the surviving spouse, whom we ask to send a copy of the obituary or death certificate. In the event of marriage or remarriage, a copy of the marriage certificate is required to change the name on an account. Company-owned tickets are transferable upon the sale of the company, provided an officer sends proper documentation showing completion of the sale and the new name of the company.

Seat Relocation

All seat relocation requests must be made on an annual basis by the first payment deadline. A seat relocation request form will be included with your initial season ticket invoice. Relocation, if possible, will be considered on the basis of the longevity of each account, the seat location currently held and openings that may occur because of cancellations in the requested area(s). No consideration will be made unless the account holder indicates in writing a change is desired and the first payment has been received by the Minnesota Vikings by the first payment due date. When requesting a relocation please specify your request regarding section, height, aisle, price range, etc. Please keep in mind that seat relocation will always be of a marginal nature.

A Ticket Office representative will contact the Season Ticket Owner of record if any available options exist. The Season Ticket Owner has 48 hours to respond to any phone messages before losing priority. The relocation process will typically run from mid-March thru June.

Replacement Ticket Policies

Requests for a Seat Authorization Pass for lost/stolen tickets will be accepted in writing from the Season Ticket Owner of record only. This request must include the exact seat location for the tickets that are missing, as well as the date of the game involved. Seat Authorization Passes are not mailed. They are made available for pickup at the Vikings Ticket Office by the Season Ticket Owner or their designated representative. Passes are available to be picked up the Friday before the game in question or on the day of the game itself. Identification is required for pickup of the Pass.

Lost Tickets

In the event that Season Tickets have been lost, the Season Ticket Owner is encouraged to use My Vikings Account to reprint and replace lost tickets.  For more info, call 952-918-8405.

Stolen Tickets

In the event that Season Tickets have been stolen, the Season Ticket Owner can send a written request for a pass, along with a copy of the official police report listing the tickets among the items stolen. A Seat Authorization Pass will be issued after verification of information by the Ticket Office.

Wrong Date Tickets

Those attending with tickets for the wrong date need to report to the Vikings Ticket Office to make arrangements.

Away Game Tickets

There is no public sale of tickets for the Vikings' road games. The visiting team allotment of tickets is just enough to cover the internal needs of the club. You may contact the host team to find out what their availability of tickets is.

Game Date/Time Changes

The Vikings and the NFL reserve the right to change the date and/or starting time of the professional football game shown on the front of the game ticket. In the event of such a change, all the media will be alerted and postcards will be sent to all season ticket holders. No such change shall entitle the ticket holder to a refund of the purchase price for this or any other Vikings ticket.

Baby/Infant Tickets

Every person, regardless of age, needs a ticket for admittance to the stadium. Please come to the Viking Ticket Office on game day for a complimentary Baby/Infant pass. The Baby/Infant must be present to acquire the pass and pass holders must immediately enter the stadium. It will be up to the discretion of the Ticket Office in distributing passes.

Playoff Tickets

Season Ticket Owners automatically receive first priority for re-ordering their seats for post-season tickets. Playoff invoices are usually sent out in mid-November, and full payment is due in early December. Your playoff invoice will be for two possible home games. Season Ticket Owners must buy tickets for both games. All playoff monies for unplayed home games will be credited to your season ticket account. The Season Ticket Owner may also request a refund of this credit in writing, following the playoffs.

Entering Mall of America Field at the H.H.H. Metrodome

To help control the influx of people entering Mall of America Field, please enter the specific gate listed on your tickets.  If special assistance is needed entering the metrodome please enter through Gate D. a Viking Ambassador will be located at this entrance to provide assistance.