MVC Alumni

In 1961, under the direction of Bob Patrin, the “Vi-Queens” (also known during that time as the Vikings Pom Pom Girls) were established and the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders history began. The Vi-Queens cheered at home games at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minnesota.  This group of 6 – 8 ladies cheered for the Vikings through the 1963 season.

Then, in 1964, the St. Louis Park High School “Parkettes” were contracted to cheer for the Minnesota Vikings.  Acting as the official Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders during that time, they cheered at home games all the way through the 1983 season, and for 5 NFL Championships and at 4 Super Bowls!  The first director of the St. Louis Park Parkettes was Fran Libby.  Later, Toni Swiggum took on the task to teach and direct the Parkettes.

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In 1984, the Minnesota Vikings introduced the first professional cheer team for the Vikings. The official Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, as you know them now today, had over 600 women audition for that inaugural year. Of the 36 women who were chosen that season, the youngest member was 18 and the oldest was 33 years of age. Sue Anderson Franks was the coach of those talented women and directed the MVC for 7 years.

From 1992-1997, Mary Ann Dallas lead the MVC and brought in The Line Up, initially for practice wear and soon after to design the costumes. The Line Up created costumes for the MVC through the 90s and continues to design costumes for the team to this day. In Mary Ann’s last year as the Director, Tami Krause proudly cheered as a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader for the 1997 season.

The following season in 1998, Tami began her career as the MVC Head Coach and Director. While Tami has been coaching, she has launched several programs with the MVC including; the Training Program, A Team, Junior Cheerleader Program, swimsuit calendar and the MVC All Stars. She has also expanded the current MVC’s impact worldwide through hundreds of appearances, military tours, social media connections and TV programs.

The cheerleaders performed at every home game to live band music for the pre-game and half-time shows in the early years. More recently, the MVC perform to recorded music along the sidelines during the game, perform end zone routines between quarters and are featured for halftime, including an annual performance with Junior Cheer Program participants. They can also be found alongside Vikings fans outside the stadium pre-game and in the concourses meeting fans during the game.

Today, the MVC is a year-round commitment beginning in early April. Hopefuls participate in a three week audition process which includes learning a variety of dances, interviewing with the MVC staff and Vikings organization, and a final audition in front of a large crowd at the Mall of America.

Outside of game day, the MVC continue to broaden their experiences both in the local community and worldwide. The MVC perform and make many appearances throughout the United States and the world. These appearances include local and regional charity appearances, visits to military bases stateside and overseas, as well as serving as ambassadors of the Minnesota Vikings in a variety of other settings. The MVC also produce a calendar each year with a portion of proceeds supporting local charities.

The MVC Alumni organization is comprised of former MVC seeking to remain active with the lifelong friends they made, support the current team, and continue participating in the philanthropic and social activities of the MVC.

The MVC A*Team (2007-2012, 6 seasons) was a performance-based alumni team, comprised of MVC alumni who cheered between 1984 and 2009. Co-coached by Heather Pilakowski and Heather Krause, this group of dedicated women rehearsed weekly at Winter Park for six months out of the year and performed before every Vikings home game on the Plaza to help get the crowd fired up, and occasionally performed with the current MVC's during in-game end-zone routines. It was wonderful to share this unique and special experience across multiple decades of MVC's.