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Zimmer Addresses The Media on Tuesday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

We got back to work today. Started prepping them a little bit for Detroit, but mostly today was about us and trying to work on a lot of techniques and things that we have to do better. The players had a couple of days off and we were able to, as coaches, get together and evaluate a lot of things that we are doing and try to figure out some ways to continue forward with this next four-game span that we have. As far as the Tom Johnson issue, I've talked to him and we are still collecting facts and we will leave it at that as we go.

Q: Is that going to affect Tom Johnson's status this week?

A: As of right now, no.

Q: How do you think Teddy Bridgewater looked in the reps that he was able to get in practice today?

A: He's fine. Yeah, he's alright.

Q: What is Harrison Smith's status?

A: He did not practice today, but we're not going to talk about injuries today, we will talk about them tomorrow.

Q: What was the situation with Jarius Wright, is that an injury?

A: No. That's a personal.

Q: Jarius Wright will miss just today's practice?

A: Yes.

Q: What was the most helpful thing you came away with after this weekend's self-scout?

A: Honestly, the most helpful was being able to go back and not be grinding on someone else, but looking at us and who we are and what we are doing and where we need to go. Without getting into specifics on different things, it's just good self-evaluation.

Q: How do you prepare for Detroit when you hear that they might not play Calvin Johnson?

A: We prepare as if he's going to play. Then if he doesn't, we will adjust. We will have a couple of different goals.

Q: Did you come out of the self-scout with any considerations for any lineup changes on defense?

A: Well, we are evaluating all that today. That was a lot about today and some of the things that we did. We will keep going forward. I'm an emotional person and sometimes it's good for me to reflect back on not just the bad plays that I see, but go back and re-evaluate all of the things and the good plays that we've had too. It's still a combination of things and we will continue to look at the best ways that we can make this team better. Whether it's personnel, scheme or coaching.

Q: Did you notice a change in the team's morale after three days off?

A: No, I don't think so. I didn't notice anything different. They were quiet today.

Q: Have you allowed yourself to speculate on Adrian Peterson's return to the team is it going to happen this season?

A: I don't know that that's not going to happen in 2014. Honestly, I want the best for Adrian, number one. Okay? But I also have to coach the guys that are here and go forward. If things get resolved and it's a good thing, then the more power to him. We will worry about that when the time comes.

Q: In your talks with him, is he staying in shape?

A: I haven't asked him about that. I'm assuming he probably is in shape.

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