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What'd They Say: Rams Talk About Vikings

The Vikings (5-2) will host the St. Louis Rams (4-3) at noon (CT) at the University of Minnesota Sunday. The Rams have taken note of the Vikings success on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Here's a list of topics the Rams players and coaches addressed during media sessions this week.

1. **Rams MLB James Laurinaitis on returning to his home state of Minnesota to play an NFL football game:


"Yeah, it's my first time playing up there in the NFL so I'm excited about it. I grew up a huge Vikings fan. It's going to be one of those cool, surreal moments, but I'll walk in, take a look around and get ready to roll just like it's any other Sunday."

2. Rams safety T.J. McDonald on the challenges of facing the Vikings offensive threats:

"You have to double Adrian Peterson. He's a tough running back, if not the best running back year in and year out. I know he's going to come out and try to make a statement with what Todd Gurley has been doing the last few weeks and we're ready for it. But he's not the only weapon they have. They have guys on the outside. (Stefon) Diggs, he's come along late, Mike Wallace has got a lot of speed, Bridgewater is smart with the ball. They've been doing some good things on offense and they've won games."

3. Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher on his history with Vikings Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner:

"Coach Turner and I walked on the USC campus together," Fisher said. "I walked on as a freshman, and he walked on as an assistant coach. So, I've known him for that long. He actually coached me early in my career. Then, when I moved over to secondary, he coached the defensive backs our senior year there. Then, we crossed paths in 1991 with the Rams for a couple weeks. He was a receivers coach, and then he went on to Dallas as the offensive coordinator. So, we've been basically facing him or facing each other or coaching against him really since '91.

**4. Rams quarterback Nick Foles on taking on the Vikings defense:


"Every week you put so much into game-planning that by gameday you have a good feel for the team. They are a 4-3 team and it's a great defense. Just watching them on film, I think they do a great job and play really aggressive. The Vikings front seven is really solid. It's very impressive with how they rally the ball and how they disguise the secondary. "

5. Rams Offensive Coordinator Frank Cignetti on the Vikings defense:

"I'll tell you what, (the Vikings are) well-coached starting from the top with Coach (Mike) Zimmer. The fronts excellent, it's a 4-3 defense. The linebackers are very active and very athletic. The secondary plays well on the back end. It's like going up against our own defense. It's a 4-3. We're used to it and we're accustomed to it."

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