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Transcript: Zimmer and Bradford Addressed the Media Wednesday

*Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer *

Q: How important is Kyle Rudolph's ability to catch in traffic?

A: It's kind of the saying – throwing him open. I thought he's made some really good catches in tight quarters. There's the one third down play where the ball was a little low the other day and he made a nice catch on that. Kyle's got good hands and they're developing a good rapport.

Q: Are the deep shots to Charles Johnson another sign of Sam Bradford's growth?

A: I think Sam has enough confidence in his abilities that when he sees something he's able to get it there. And he's accurate. He's been throwing the ball well. Hopefully that will continue.

Q: How hard is it to find a top notch quarterback?

A: Well that's what it's all about. Having a guy that can play quarterback. It's still the toughest position in sports. Most franchises are riding on this guy. We were fortunate to have Teddy and then fortunate enough to get Sam.

Q: What do you think of Brock Osweiler?

A: He's got an extremely strong arm. For a big guy, he's mobile. Seems to know where to go with the football. He's got several really good receivers. Two young guys – Braxton Miller and [Will] Fuller are both young guys that are really athletic. Obviously [DeAndre] Hopkins.

Q: Were you surprised how much they paid him?

A: I don't worry about what anybody else does.

Q: Did you guys look at Will Fuller during the draft process?

A: Oh yeah, we spent time looking at everybody. We liked him. He's a good player. He's fast.

Q: What did you want to prioritize when Sam Bradford arrived to make him comfortable?

A: I think he's pretty comfortable with it. We changed up the routine a little bit today because of the Monday night game. Really the biggest thing is getting familiar with the terminology, that's the biggest thing when he first came in. Terminology and trying to find out what he likes and what he doesn't like. Kind of move from there. How we can marriage the things that he likes and the things we do together.

Q: Does simplifying the terminology contribute to the lack of turnovers?

A: I don't know. He hasn't been a big turnover guy in his career. I just think he's making pretty good decisions. I think he has a good grasp of where the ball should go.

Q: Have there been decisions he has made where he caught a lucky break and didn't turn the ball over?

A: In every game there's … I think he should have went the other way with the ball one time here or there but it hasn't been too many. You get lucky, there was a bill tipped the other night that maybe could have been intercepted. We've been very fortunate but we're harping on it a lot too.

Q: What surprised you the most about Sam?

A: Maybe his mobility. He's a little bit more mobile than I thought he was. Getting rid of the ball quicker than I thought, maybe. His footwork has been good. I knew he could throw the ball. I just didn't know, I've never been around him so I haven't known his toughness and things like that.

Q: Are you referring to his mobility within the pocket?

A: Yeah, I mean sometimes getting out of the pocket. The other night he got out of the pocket one time. He didn't get the first down but he was moving.

Q: Does your blood pressure raise a little bit when he gets out of that pocket?

A: It can't go up much higher than what it is on game day.

Q: Have you ever been a part of a stretch like this with zero turnovers?

A: No, we hope it keeps going. Houston's good at taking the ball away so we're going to have to be diligent about it again this week.

Q: Do you think you'll see more times use quick passes against you?

A: I think everybody will continue to try and do different things. There going to chip our ends, things like that that they'll continue to do. We'll just have to make sure we continue to have different plans and looks for it.

Q: Are you giving Kyle Rudolph the day off?

A: No, he's in there today.

Q: What are your thoughts on the birth of his twins?

A: He said they're good and mom is good so, I'm good.

Q: How do you like the timing of all that?

A: Yeah everything has been nice and smooth this year.

Q: Does this team have an identity?

A: I think resiliency is the best thing about this team. They've worked ever since I've been here. But they're pretty resilient. They're a good bunch of guys. I keep saying it and probably nobody believes me but Rick has brought in a lot of really high character guys that help in situations when things don't go as you've planned.

Q: Do you like the balance between Jerick McKinnon and Matt Asiata?

A: Yeah, I think it's good. We have to always continue to get Matt involved. I think it's good for Jerick. There was a couple times where he got tired in the ball game. I think for longevity in this season and everything else, it's a good mix.

Q: How much has the offense changed without Adrian?

A: Some, I mean there's some, some are still the same. We try to take advantage of everybody's strengths if we can. So we'll continue to do that.

Q: What extra wrinkle does Zach Line provide?

A: Zach does an awful lot of jobs. He's been good blocking so far this year as the full back. Obviously he got a couple of carries the other night. He's been playing special teams. Zach is doing a lot of really good things.

Q: Why did you bring Brian Leonhardt back?

A: We're thin practicing right now so we needed him a bit.

Q: What are your thoughts on Vince Wilfork at the age of 35?

A: Pretty good. Him and Newman must have the same red wine. They're both good. He's big and physical, still athletic. Tough guy to move.

Q: He's listed at 325, do you think he's been that weight in awhile?

A: I don't know.

Q: Who is the biggest nose tackled you can remember?

A: That's hard to say, he's probably up there. That's hard to say, trying to think back over time.

Q: What do you attribute the offensive line success to?

A: They keep battling. Tony Sparano's really doing a good job with those guys. Getting them prepared, getting the next guy ready. I think Berger being in there and having Boone on the one side has helped the communication on the left side. Berger has helped the communication on the right side. Hopefully it keeps going. * *

Q: Was Cordarrelle Patterson getting in the mix him earning the role or was it game plan?

A: I think Cordarrelle has done a nice job throughout OTAs, through training camp and through practices. So I felt like he earned some opportunities to get in there. When he's had the ball he does good things, kickoff returns and things like that. I just thought it was another opportunity that we get another playmaker in there and hopefully he'll continue to do the things that allowed him to get on the field and he'll continue to go forward.

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