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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media Tuesday

Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Q: From a coaching standpoint, do you like the number of preseason games as they currently stand at four games, or would you prefer a shorter preseason?

A: A little bit of both. I like the preseason. I like the opportunity to go out and compete four times. I like the opportunity especially now that we've changed the cut date so that a lot of these young guys can get out and get a lot of playing time in the fourth game as well. Obviously as a coach you're always concerned about injuries, especially when you see so many injuries going on around the league. I think you have to be mindful of all those things.

Q: Does four games seem like the correct amount to you?

A: Yeah, I don't have a problem. The preseason is a lot less stressful for me. I'm not as nervous on game day as I normally would be.

Q: Do preseason wins mean anything to you?

A: It doesn't. It really doesn't. I do think it's good to win. If we're playing tiddlywinks I think it's good to win. I think the competitive part to me is always good. At the end of the day does it matter, no. But I think the competitive nature of your team, and especially if you got a young team that's getting used to winning, I think that's good. I know what the record is, but we don't really go out of our way to win, but I like to win, yeah.

Q: With Latavius Murray, are you waiting on medical clearance only or is there something you would like to see for yourself in practice before he plays?

A: It's pretty much medical. He's getting more and more every day, so it won't be too much longer.

Q: What do you think is the toughest transition for Latavius in learning this new offense?

A: He's been around long enough and seen a number of different protections through the course of the practices he's been in and the walkthroughs, things like that. I don't think he'll have an issue with that. I think getting to know the guys a little bit more, you know how they block up front. When you're chipping a defensive end, where exactly the guy is going to be, those kind of scenarios probably more so than anything. The terminology obviously is always the number one thing for learning an offense. But Latavius is a smart guy.

Q: What do you like about what Seattle's defense can do to challenge your offense and give you a good look in the preseason?

A: Number one, I always like playing somewhere in the preseason and on that road that is going to be loud. It's more like a true in-season game atmosphere, so I think that will be good. Obviously the Seahawks defense is very good. They got guys up front that can rush, they got corners that can play man to man, a safety in the middle of the field that can go and linebackers that can run. It will be good for us.

Q: When you have a team like that scheduled in the second preseason game, does that affect how much you will use players to take advantage of playing a team like that?

A: We may. I haven't told the coaches yet what I'm going to do for the game, but I do think that it's going to give us a chance to evaluate a lot of guys as well. You can kind of see them against better players, so we may get some of the younger guys in there a little bit earlier. But at the end of the day we still have to continue to try to get ready for the regular season.

Q: Watching the first team offense and how they performed, does that affect what you want to see out of them?

A: Yes, definitely. I'd like seeing them do better.

Q: Will their playing time be decided on whether or not they can go down and score?

A: Possibly. I feel like we have got to develop a rhythm here a little bit and get going from there.

Q: Against the Bills, with pressuring the quarterback really all of the way up until the end of the game, what are your thoughts on how that went and also the decision to use Horace Richardson through those situations?

A: It's basically dependent on the call that we have and the pressures and so usually, I am going to try to not say this in the wrong way, when we start game planning, I'll have pressures for certain guys and things like that, but right now it's just the base stuff that we've put in. I don't know, in the preseason, some of the things we are trying to work on too, is with when we are pressuring it's a run or something like that, making sure they understand what gaps to be in because it's hard to simulate here in practice all of the time, so part of that is in the running game when we are pressuring and sometimes it's just making sure everybody understands the calls, and the signals, and things like that on the road as well.

Q: Is it likely to see the starters for the first half of the third game?

A: Honestly, I am really weighing that a lot. I had the game on in the background and I saw two defensive starters go out for the season yesterday and I saw one team had five guys get injured yesterday, and so it's a really fine line and my concern is, how much do we weigh the guys that I really know? I've got a pretty good idea if they can play, getting them in and just playing to play, and the backfire to that is really, are they going to be in shape for September 11th? So that's something I'm contemplating right now.

Q: With a guy like Latavius Murray, that you haven't had on the team before but has a track record around the league, does he fall into the category of guys you don't necessarily need to see play in the preseason?

A: Well, I need to see him. I think anytime you have a new guy come in, you need to see him play some.

Q: Have you figured out how you want to use the interior offensive line?

A: Getting close, getting close. I think this week will be a good tell-tale of some of the things we're trying to do. Like I say, it'll be good competition. We may have some guys in some different spots this week and see how it goes.

Q: What gave you the confidence to back Tom Johnson with his off the field issues a few years ago?

A: Well, the biggest thing is, I thought he was right. I didn't think he was wrong in what happened. That was that. I'm going to try to stick by these guys. If they're wrong, they're wrong. If they're right, I'm going to try to stick by them. Tom has been a really good success story in the fact that he played in the World League, he played in Canada, had been cut by a couple teams. I think part of that shows that, not only that Andre has done a nice job teaching him and coaching him, but sometimes when guys get in the right systems things click. I know he wishes it probably would've clicked earlier in his career. He's been a good find for us and we're lucky we have him.

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