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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media Thursday

Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Q: What's the latest with Laquon Treadwell?

A: There is no update.

Q: Will he be participating in practices this afternoon?

A: I don't believe he is. No.

Q: You've been pushing for your players to show more emotion now as opposed to you telling them to act like you've been there before. What is the mindset behind this change in philosophy?

A: There's a little bit of two things, Sam (Bradford) is a pretty flat line guy. I think part of it is being a leader of this football team, so I've been talking to him about taking charge and trying to do those things. The other part is the offense having some confidence when they have success. You know, it's still going out here and having fun. I've just been talking to Sam about showing a little bit more emotion is all.

Q: Where you worried about your eye when he hit you?

A: No, not really. I wasn't really worried about it. He can't hit that hard.

Q: What kind of leader is Eric Kendrick's out on the field?

A: He's actually a pretty good leader. He's not quiet on the field really, he's very communicative. I do think he's a little bit still feeling his way, we got some other veterans that express their opinion an awful lot. He's fine.

Q: You have said that the communication that Eric Kendricks has with Anthony Barr goes back to their college days at UCLA. Now they are at a point, pro-wise, where they can just look at each other, and both have said they know instinctively what the other one is doing. Is that a level of communication that you are happy to see them get to and something they can take to the next level?

A: Yeah, I do think that they have pretty good rapport as far as those things, but also, most of those defensive guys have been together basically four years now, so I think they all have a pretty good communication relationship, I guess is what you would call it. We were out on the field today and George (Edwards) called the defense and I said, "well can we do it like this," something we've done before, and they did it right away so I think part of it is just feeling comfortable in the system, and then we've basically talked the same language for the past four years so I think that is part of it as well.

Q: On defense last year, can you talk about how they tapered off towards the end of the year?

A: We had two bad games, I don't know about tapered off. We finished third in the league in points scored and every other statistical category.

Q: So you would say that the Indianapolis and the Detroit games were the problem?

A: Well we scored sixteen points against Detroit both games. They kicked a field goal to tie it and then scored a touchdown in overtime to make it twenty three, I believe.

Q: Where do you think the defense's attitude is today? Do you feel like they are taking a different approach than in the past, wanting to get angrier or hungrier?

A: I don't know about angrier, but I think they want to get better. I don't know a guy on the defense who is not trying to improve or get better, or try to get better collectively. These guys have an awful lot of pride. They're good competitors, and actually they're a lot of fun to be around. Every year is different, so we'll find out when we go play. But I have a lot of confidence in their ability.

Q: Knowing Terence Newman for as long as you have, how has he been able to play at a high level for so long?

A: I've been asked that question a lot. He's been blessed with great genes. When we drafted him in Dallas, he was the Big 12 indoor sprint champion. He's always been able to run, but I think the thing that's helped him to be able to stay and continue to play is not just his athletic ability but the way he studies and prepares for games. He's hard to fool when he gets out there.

Q: Is the cornerback position harder in general for older players to continue to excel at?

A: Well usually the first thing to go are your legs. I don't know how long I had Deion [Sanders], I don't know how long he ended up playing for. He was thirty eight I believe, or something like that. Darrell Green played until he was forty I believe. So there hasn't been very many of them, but typically they don't get as much wear and tear on them with collisions as some of those other guys, safeties and guys like that.

Q: What specific things separate David Morgan and Bucky Hodges?

A: Well they're two different players, Bucky is more of an open field guy that is trying to learn how to block, and David is more of a blocking guy who is trying to learn how to be more involved in the pass game.

Q: How do feel like Michael Floyd is doing with the details of the offense?

A: I think he's getting a lot better. Obviously, it's a different system, but he's been progressing well. He will be a good weapon for us.

Q: Have you been impressed with what you seen from the catching standpoint from Michael Floyd?

A: That plus I've been impressed with his long speed as well. He's had some nice subtle leans on things where he can come back out of routes.

Q: Your D line is competitive and unselfish. We see a guy like Linval Joseph who's playing game, coming from a Pro Bowl and still, brought Daniele Hunter with him and still does not talk about getting his contract extension. What does that say about Linval Joseph?

A: He's a great person, wants to be really good. Probably works as hard as anyone on the football team in the offseason. I think he cares an awful lot about the guys around him, Andre Patterson does a good job preaching all that. But hopefully all of our guys on defense feel the same way. It's not about individual statistics, it's about us collectively doing our job. Linval is the best one (DT) I've ever been around.

Q: Are you going to watch the Hall of Fame game tonight?

A: I might, depending when we get done with meetings. I'm not going to give them off meetings tonight so I can watch it.

Q: You have a hoodie on, does it feel like a football day today?

A: Yeah. I told the team at the beginning of the year, I said there's a lot of different things that will happen throughout the course of the season, playing on a Saturday, play on Mondays, things are going to come up where we don't expect it. Today's the first test to see how they go out and respond to different change in weather. They are used to being out in 80 degrees and now it's cool out here, so let's see how we respond to this little test that we are going to get today. It will be interesting to find out.

Q: You've been rotating Edmond Robinson and Emmanuel Lamur on the outside linebacker, do you have a timetable on when you like to see who the starter might be in that base defense?

A: Probably not until after we see them in some live action. I'm going to look at (Ben) Gedeon there too. So we'll just see how it goes and there's really not any big hurry hopefully the third preseason game but if it's not it's not.

Q: With Ben Gedeon playing mostly inside linebacker at Michigan how is he making that transition to outside linebacker?

A: He's playing both right now and all of those guys are kind of playing a lot of different kind of spots. Good, I thought he had a good day yesterday. He's a guy that finds the football. He's physical getting off of blocks. He did a good job in coverage, tomorrow which will be the thing he going to have to work on because it's a little different being outside than it is inside. 

Q: There's a difference between passionate and also being smart. With Laquan Treadwell and Antone Exum have you had a talk with the guys after, about I want that but I want you to be smart about it too?

A: I've talk to them, yeah. It wasn't too smart. We had a couple a little things yesterday that popped up too. They've been hitting each other for a while, so some guy take an extra shot and somebody gets upset and throws a punch or something like that. I talked to them about it today. So, I'll see if we get that corrected. 

Q: The running backs have been tested a little bit more pass in protection how do you feel they've stacked up?

A: I think good. (C.J.) Ham has been solid, Dalvin's (Cook) been pretty good. I think (Bishop) Sankey's had a few hits and misses. Jerick (McKinnon), he's been in there a little bit. It's a little bit of a disadvantage when we're doing the one-on-one pass rush drills because the defense doesn't have worry about anything but trying to beat that one guy. So, it's a little bit of a disadvantage for them but they're getting better at it. 

Q: Have you ever had a nose tackle quite shaped like Linval Joseph?

A: No, but I like to get a lot more.  His strength and size, actually he's athletic.  He's a really good athlete. I don't know if I've ever had a guy like Linval. Most of the guys are thicker and shorter than he is but he's the best athlete that I can think of that, I've been involved with at that spot. When I first went to Dallas, Russell Maryland, who was the first pick of the draft was there but he was more of a quick, fast guy as opposed to a big powerful guy. 

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