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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media on Tuesday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Q: Can you talk about your approach to Sunday's games since it doesn't mean much to playoff seeding? How do you approach it as far as resting guys?

A: I haven't really decided yet. I don't know the answer to that yet.

Q: After seeing the film, what do you think the cons were with how Kirk Cousins played?

A: I think it was a combination of things. I thought Green Bay did a good job in coverage. They played a lot of coverage last night. They changed up some of their rushes and so they were kind of getting in his lap. The combination of that and not running the ball, I think it was really a whole bunch of different areas. It wasn't just Kirk (Cousins). We didn't block him up front very well and they did a good job in coverage.

Q: Is there any update on Eric Kendricks' injury?

A: Not yet. He's scheduled for an MRI.

Q: Looking at last night's game overall, how do you feel about how the way things went for you? Was it a big disappointment as far as how your offense performed or what were your key takeaways?

A: Yeah, I was definitely disappointed with how the offense played. They played really good almost every game all year. We get three turnovers to start the first half or end the first half and we come away with 10 points and two of the three turnovers were on their end of the field. We had way too many three-and-outs. Yeah, that part was very disappointing. Defensively, I thought for the most part we did a good job as far as eliminating the big plays. Played decent in coverage and at times we still had some mistakes. I thought we did a decent job on third downs and then in the red zone, we were okay. It kind of got away with us there at the end. When we tried to load the box up to stop the run, they were throwing the smokes up to the receivers and gaining yards and we weren't tight enough and then they hit the big run which we misfit.

Q. Was that as good of a start as you've had with the turnovers you've forced?

A. It was important for us, defensively. They've been a big-play offense, especially early in the game. The teams that have done a good job against them have not allowed them to go down and score. The first fumble caused by [Anthony] Barr was a really good play. Then the interception by Anthony [Harris] and Harrison [Smith] with the strip. We were still winning10-9 at halftime and felt like if we got going there, we'd be ok.

Q. Were some of the throws early uncharacteristic of how accurate Kirk is in those situations?

A. Yeah, he had some throws that he missed a little bit. The one to C.J. [Ham] and there were two or three others, he kind of rushed it. But again, I think that was a little bit of credit to them with the coverage that they were running and being able to push the pocket. The pocket wasn't near as clean as it was in most of the games. We probably could've done a better job helping him a little bit with some of the calls, where we got outside of the pocket one time. He had all kinds of time and we ended up throwing the interception. We need to make sure we do a better job of trying to not be in one spot all the time as well.

Q. What is the level of disappointment that winning the division is no longer in play?

A. Winning the division is great and everything because you get a home playoff game, but we weren't good enough to do that so we'll just keep trying to do something better.

Q. What enables Green Bay to mix the coverages and did they do it at a higher rate against you?

A. I wouldn't say they mix it a whole bunch. What I would say was they did a good job in coverage but that is not being able to run the ball into the coverage that was a factor. I mean we had some good looks to run the ball and we couldn't run the ball so that is where it all started.

Q. Is there any changes you make to running things you haven't run before or holding things for the playoffs knowing that this game won't affect seedings?

A. Well we didn't play very good offensively so I don't know if trying new things offensively is the way to go. I think we need to be able to execute a lot better than we did last night.