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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media on Saturday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

We've got the Bloomington Police Department out here today. They're taking kids from Bloomington shopping today, getting ready to get back to school. Vikings ownership gave them all backpacks, so that was nice. Looking forward to tonight. Should be fun to get under the lights with our fans and get out there and get on the turf a little bit.

Q: How do you simulate that zone blocking without cut blocking?

A: It's hard because you don't want to cut your guys in practice. The other day they were doing donuts and working on the circle pads where they're moving and they have to go cut it. Actually for the defense, it's the same issue. You know, guys think, 'Oh, I made that play,' but probably could be on the ground. So, it's hard, but we'll get a good dose of it on next Friday.

Q: How do you simulate that, just use a pad right?

A: Yeah, they do their same thing and we've got a, I call it a donut, it's a pad with a circle and a hole in it. They run and when they start, we roll it and he's got to get to it and cut it.

Q: How does a running back simulate it?

A: That part it pretty easy because they start right here and they have what they call the dot. The dot is their read and they make a cut off their read. If a guys up the field, they cut back or they start, he's going to run to the dot, if the guy gets reached, then he'll continue to the outside or he'll put his foot in the ground and go underneath, go back.

Q: Is it instinct for a good running back?

A: Yeah, I mean vision, you know, because he starts this way and everything's traveling and then they see a seam on the backside. That's when you get the big ones.

Q: How do you go about keeping the team's attention throughout training camp?

A: They're pretty good about it. In the team meeting I go over a lot of things that happen maybe with other teams, or practice or what we're going to work on that night. They're all trying to learn and trying to get better. If I talk to them a lot about technique, and how they can get better with their technique, then I think that kind of keeps them involved a little bit as opposed to just things scheme-wise.

Q: What have you seen from Olisaemeka Udoh so far in camp?

A: He's got great size, very, very athletic. Very smart. He's done a good job. Obviously he's still working on technique and hand placement and all those things, but I think the coaches have been impressed with him.

Q: What do you think makes Danielle Hunter tough to block at this stage of his career?

A: There's so many things. He's obviously got great length. These guys call him "Gumby", because he can bend and lean and slither, and when he just reacts and does things like that he can be difficult to block. But he's also got really good power, long arms, and powerful hands.

Q: You've talked for a couple years about him thinking less and just reacting more. Does that make him more consistent?

A: He can make a lot more plays that way. You see it more and more all the time now, and it doesn't seem like he's thinking much at all.