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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media on Friday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Big division game on the road, had a good week of practice. Should be a heck of a ball game, they've done a great job not giving up very many points recently. It'll be a good test for us and we'll have to play well defensively and on special teams to win.

Q: What is the difference between when someone like Ben Gedeon or Eric Wilson fills in for a starter like Eric Kendricks or Anthony Barr?

A: Just based on game plan, really. Obviously they got different skill sets and we'll use them in different ways, but nothing really.

Q: If there's one thing that concerns you about the Lions above all else, what would that be?

A: There's more than one thing. But [Kenny] Golladay is a heck of a player, the runner is really good, [Theo] Riddick. They're big and physical up front, and they sit on some routes on the back end. Safeties are physical, the physicality that they play with up front. The kicker, he's a long-range field goal kicker.

Q: Have you seen them settle on a third down option since Golden Tate was traded?

A: They're playing a couple of different guys in there based on package. Sometimes they'll have two running backs, but yeah, it makes it a little bit [more unpredictable].

Q: Where have you seen Stephen Weatherly grow the most in his third year?

A: I would say that really two things. He's much more reactionary now, and his pass rush skills have improved.

Q: When a team is out of playoff contention, are you concerned that they'll try something totally out of character?

A: Yeah, I mean they could throw a bunch of reverse passes and halfback passes, things like that. But we just have to go out and play, and if we're reading our keys and doing the things that we're supposed to do, we should be good. It could be a bunch of zero blitzes, who knows. It's important that we're on point with everything. Typically that gets back to focusing on your key and where you go from there.

Q: Sean Payton talked about expanding the 46-man game day roster, saying it's outdated. Do you have any comments about how expanding it could improve player health?

A: Well whatever Sean says is always right [smiles]. No, I like Sean. Yeah, I guess it doesn't make much sense to me to have seven inactive guys every week when they're healthy. But no, that would be it.