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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media Monday

*Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer *

After watching the tape, I thought it was a good team win yesterday. Baltimore special teams are very, very good. They're good year in and year out. Jerry Rosburg is their special teams coach, does a great job. I thought we played outstanding on special teams. We changed the field position quite a few times. Punted the ball, kicked the ball well, covered. Had some good returns. That was a big part of it. Offensively, we started out a little bit slow but I thought we had a lot of good drives there in the second half. Obviously, we ran the ball well. We got in the red zone and we didn't convert some third downs which caused us to kick field goals. Defensively, I thought for most of the day we played pretty well. Get back at it and get to work.

Q: What stood out to you on film about the offensive line?

A: They're just solid in everything they do. Mike Remmers played well, Riley [Reiff] played well, [Pat] Elflein. These guys, [Danny] Isidora when he went in there played well, [Joe] Berger. They're playing good together. They're all on the same page. You see the footwork is the same. Everything kind of looks like it's supposed to. We were able to open up some holes. I think they're playing good.

Q: How much does Case Keenum's pocket presence contribute to him not being sacked in the last three games?

A: Well, I think some of it. It's a combination of things, we're moving the pocket a little bit. We're also blocking well up front. Identifying the pressures, that was a big one with these guys because they've got a little bit different kind of pressure package. The backs have done a good job of knowing who to block. A lot of it is being on the same page. Pat [Shurmur] has done a good job of changing it up, changing it up with different protection calls and the different things we're doing out of it.

Q: What has allowed the running game to not skip a beat without Dalvin Cook?

A: I think the running game has helped us tremendously in things we're able to do as compared to a year ago. We did have a couple negative runs in the red zone but we're not getting very many of those. We're getting yards. I do think they've done a nice job with the scheme as far as, we've got perimeter runs, we've got inside runs, we've got power football runs. I think all those things have helped.

Q: Do you still believe that Riley Reiff's injury is not serious?

A: Yeah, I don't think it's going to be too serious, no.

Q: Did you notice when Riley Reiff went out? Some players mentioned the transition was so seamless that they didn't notice.

A: Well, I'm a little more aware I think. Because they tell me when they need to get a guy out. Rashod [Hill] went in and did fine. There's still a lot of things we've got to clean up. His footwork and some things. Same thing with [Danny] Isidora. So we all get on the same deal. But they went in there and battled, competed. Like I said, Baltimore had a good defensive front. They had [Brandon] Williams back and those outside rushers, [Terrell] Suggs, those guys are good players.

Q: You talked about incorporating the screen game more this season. Do you have the same mentality when using zone blocking?

A: We have all different types, but our guys can get to the second level because we're athletic and I think that's been the biggest thing. We can get from the down linemen to the second level linebacker and be able to get a body on them. Which has allowed us to get some better runs.

Q: Do you anticipate either Sam Bradford or Teddy Bridgewater making the trip to London?

A: Yes, I think so.

Q: Both of them?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you like the London games? Does the interruption of the flow concern you?

A: No, I've never been to London so I'm not a big expert on this. It's just another road trip. And a road trip for them too.

Q: How extensive was your research about figuring out the London schedule?

A: I mean everybody did things different. I looked at who won, who lost, the different things. You go over there and whoever plays best usually wins.

Q: With the state of the Browns right now it seems there is no way you can lose this game. Have you come up with any special message for the team yet?

A: No. I just want us to continue to try and get better and improve. I think our team will believe that this team is a good team when we get back into it and we start getting more in preparation with it. They lost by three to Pittsburgh, lost by three to Indy, lost in overtime to Tennessee – who is leading that division, and they had another real close one against somebody. It's going to be about us and how we play and that's usually how it is every single week. Do we play with the same? Do we prepare the same way? Did we play at the same intensity? Do we play as a smart football team – understand the things we have to do to beat this particular team? And I think that's the points of emphasis that we'll be making this week.

Q: With big games from Jerick McKinnon, Latavius Murray, Dalvin Cook, same with the receivers. When you go into a game, do you have a feeling of who will have a big day based off of film study?

A: Sometimes. Based off personnel that you're getting. With our offense, it's not like, "This guy has to get the ball all the time." It's more "We'll spread it around," and I like that. I like to have multiple players that they have to defend.

Q: From your defensive mind, is that a lot more difficult to defend rather than one or two really big stars that you know that are going to be getting the ball?

A: In some ways, yes. You put a lot more emphasis on one guy than you do other guys. We have a lot more versatility, I believe. [Kyle] Rudolph is a good player. He can hurt you. The receivers, the runners. I think the more varied you are, the better opportunity you have.

Q: Do you get the same feeling with your defense?

A: Yes, sometimes. Sometimes we try to scheme it up that way. I've gone into games before saying "Man, this guy is going to kill this guy," and he doesn't do it. You still have to go out and execute. Our opinion from watching guys on tape may be different than really what it is. I typically have an idea on some of the things, who may have more opportunities this week, yes.

Q: What did you think when you saw Andrew Sendejo's hit when you looked back at it?

A: I think the receiver took five steps after he caught the ball. I think he hit him with a glancing blow. I know what [the officials] told me, but I'm going to turn it in to the League and see what they say. He established position as a runner, took two extra steps. Xavier [Rhodes] was trying to pull the ball out, which he ended up doing. The guy went down a little bit. But in my opinion, he was a runner.

*Q: Are you optimistic about Jeremiah Sirles or Nick Easton being able to play? *

A: I think we have a chance to get a lot of these guys back this week. There's a possibility of [Stefon] Diggs. There's a possibility of [Nick] Easton, [Mackensie] Alexander. Most of them. We have a chance. I don't know yet, but we'll see.

Q: Is Riley Reiff one of those guys that could play?

A: Yes.

Q: You've never been to London as a tourist, or you've never been to London?

A: Never been there.

Q: Do any of the sites interest you, or strictly 100% football?

A: Football. There was a report too that said we didn't want to play Teddy [Bridgewater] in London because of slippery field. That's the first I've ever heard of it. So that report is false.

Q: So you're considering starting Teddy Bridgewater in London?

A: Maybe, we'll see.

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