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Transcript: Siemian Addressed the Media on Monday

Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman

Excited to announce that we did finalize the trade today. Trevor did come in, went through his physicals, that will be all finalized. Great opportunity for the Minnesota Vikings to get another quality player in here. He's going to serve a key role in that position. Fits everything that we were looking for, not only from a character standpoint, from what he brings to this football team but also his abilities on the field.

*Vikings Quarterback Trevor Siemian   *

Really good to be here. Obviously, first time being traded, you have a lot out of your control. As far as places to be, very, very fortunate to be here. I've heard nothing but really, really good things about the locker room, coaches, front office and ownership. Again, really, really lucky to be here. I'm looking forward to getting to work.

Q: How does the mindset change going from starter to backup?

A: I think I've gained a lot of knowledge playing some ball over the last couple of years. I've grown a lot as a player. I'm looking forward to coming in here and sharing some of that knowledge and applying it. Helping this team and helping Kirk [Cousins] in any way that I can. Like I said, just can't wait to get to work with these guys.

Q: What do you know about Kirk Cousins?

A:  Like anybody else, I see the tape and I watch Kirk week-to-week and I know how good of a player he is just like everybody else. The cool thing about knowing Kirk the little bit that I do and hearing things about him, is the person he is and the teammate and being in the quarterback room, I think that's really, really important for me and everybody else. So, couldn't be more excited to be teaming up with him and everybody else. Again, I'm here for Kirk, I'm here for these guys. I want to win a bunch of games here and continue the roll this organization has been on recently.

Q: Have you gotten a change to speak with John DeFilippo or see the playbook yet? If so, what is the difference between Denver's?

A: Yeah, I talked to Coach [DeFilippo] just a little bit here. I think, as far as the playbook goes, everything is kind of fluid. I know Coach DeFilippo is going to have a great system in place and when we get to work on that, I'm going to help out and give whatever input I can. I'll learn as much as I can. I think it's a really good situation with him and Coach [Kevin] Stefanski. Working with Kirk, I think we're all in a really good spot. Like I said, excited to get to work on that when we get going.

Q: What has the last few weeks been like?

A: It's been interesting. I had surgery in January so really all I could do was focus on that and my rehab and kind of see where I'd end up. Again, couldn't be more excited to be here in Minnesota. There's a lot of places you can end up but for me to be here, really, really fortunate to be here. I couldn't be more excited. Like I said, I'm excited to become a part of this locker room and get to work with the coaches and everybody. It's been great so far.

Q: Where were you when you learned you were traded?

A: I actually was down in Mexico. It was my fiancée's spring break, she's in law school right now. We were down there for a few days. Got the phone call and, as you can imagine, I was pretty excited. Again, thrilled to be here. It's an interesting way to find out, I know. Whatever it takes I guess.

Q: What's your fiancée's name?

A: Bo.

Q: How are you feeling in the recovery process?

A: Feeling really good. I'm about 11 weeks out and everything's gone smoothly thus far. Staying on top of it and feel really good right now.

Q: When did you get indications of a trade or that a move would be made?

A: Well, truthfully I didn't know. I think everything is so fluid in this business you learn pretty quickly. I didn't really know, so was kind of in touch with my agent and he said something might happen. Sure enough, I ended up here. Like I said, super excited to be here. There's a lot places you could go, but for me to end up here I couldn't be more fortunate. I'm excited.

Q: Do you feel like a fresh start was necessary?

A: Like I said, there's a lot of places you could go. For me to be here in an organization who's knocking on the door of some really, really great things, I think there's a lot of people that would kill to be in this spot. Again, I feel really lucky and I'm going to try and add value and be ready to go if called upon. I think it's going to be a good deal.

Q: How did it help you having to replace Peyton Manning as a starter, did it help you become mentally tough?

A: I think I was really lucky there. I got to spend a year with Peyton. It was a great learning experience the whole way through. I mean sitting behind him and Brock [Osweiler] for a year and then also getting to play for those couple of years. A lot of knowledge I gained over that time and was surrounded by a ton of good folks. It was a good deal for me. I think it's something for me to build on and like I said, apply what I learned from there and try and make this team here the best team we can be and I think we're on our way to doing that.

Q: How would you evaluate your last season? What can you improve the most on?

A: Well, I think you can learn a lot. Obviously, we won five games so it wasn't what we would've liked it to be, but you take what you can from it. There's a lot to learn from no doubt. It's early in my career so I think I'm fortunate in the sense that I got a lot experiences that I can lean on and hopefully grow as a player and be better, so a lot to grow from no doubt. That's the fun part of this game too, right? There is so many dimensions you can grow as a player and that's what keeps it exciting. Again, I'm fired up to be here to keep growing, keep learning, couldn't be around a better staff. Like I said, excited.

Q: Where does your fiancée go to school?

A: She goes to the University of Denver currently. Law school.

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