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Transcript: Edwards Addressed the Media Thursday

We just finished our third practice with the young guys, the rookies and some of the selective vets, guys we got a good three days of work. Working on the techniques, the fundamentals, a couple installs in to kind of get them more acclimated to when our vets come in today which we're very excited about. It's great to be back, it's great to get started this journey to try and come out here and get better each and every day.

Q: What are the impressions you have had of some of the younger defensive backs, Marcus Epps, Kris Boyd?

A: Those guys have really paid attention to the details and the things that we're trying to get taught here early. They've had pretty good recall from what we did in the spring. So, we're just looking for them to come out here and continually get better, get experience and understand exactly what we're asking them to do.

Q: Is Marcus Epps still working as a slot guy every now and then?

A: We're kind of moving guys around to their skill set, working them at different positions. So, right now we're still in a teaching phase of it and I think he's doing a good job of retaining that information. He's able to come out here and be consistent and the first three practices have been good.

Q: With Kris Boyd specifically, what are you looking forward to seeing from him as we go forward now?

A: The same thing. We've got a lot of techniques and fundamental things that we're asking the corners to do. He's got a good three days going right now, being able to retain that information and apply it. When you're out there on the field in the different packages that we got, and just looking for him to be consistent.

Q: Do you get down to the nitty-gritty in these last three days of technique or is it lets see how much they have retained from what we taught them last time?

A: We really don't go that fast with our install. For us, the one thing that is going to stay consistent is the technique and the fundamental. If you get too far removed from that it turns into thinking and just thinking and you're not really getting much accomplished. So, Coach (Mike Zimmer) has always done a good job of that, as far as making sure that we stay locked into the technique and the fundamentals of what we're trying to get taught.

Q: Have you seen a difference in the rookies having this time before the vets come in?

A: I really do think it's a great experience for them. We've really honed in and specialized specifically into them when the vets come in, the reps are a little bit more scarce for them. I think they got a whole lot out of it, you can just see them getting better here from day-to-day.

Q: How much easier does continuity make the install process or just being able to go as fast as you want during training camp?

A: It's a good point. The one thing about it is, all of us have been here for six years. We've had a lot of shared experiences, so we can reach back and remember when something happened a while back. We can say ok, remember when we get in this concept, we need to adjust it. Remember when this fundamental kind of helped or hurt us, we need to adjust how we're doing it and tweak certain things. It's allowed us to really spend some time looking at different things that hopefully, schematically can help us and getting us a better evaluation of the guys that we've got in here to be able to implement them as soon as possible.

Q: Where do you think Armon Watts is at this point?

A: He is a big man. He has really done a good job technique and fundamental. We have worked him inside at the three-technique. We have worked him at the nose some, so he is getting a lot of reps and work at that right now. He has done a good job from carrying it over from day-to-day and understanding. Really with the defensive line, it's a big technique and fundamental. He has done a good job with what we were expecting to see out of different calls and the different techniques he has been taught, so he is doing a good job right now from that aspect of it.

Q: What qualities does Armon Watts have to make him flexible between those two positions?

A: I think he is a heavy-handed kid. He is a really big man. He has great size and great power and explosion out of his lower body. We just look for him to just keep getting better each day during camp and hopefully be able to transfer those things when we get into the preseason games.

Q: What have you seen from Cameron Smith that you like these last few days?

A: He has really done a good job with the communication. We have moved him around in a couple different positions, as a linebacker we definitely need to do that, and he has shown the ability to come out and adjust to that so he has done a good job there. Fundamentally and technique-wise he has done a good job, he is still experiencing the different route trees and those different things that we are doing and the different coverages. He has some familiarity coming from the system they were in in college. He is understanding kind of our lingo, our communication, and what we expect. So, he has done a good job thus far.