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Sponsor Spotlight: Lifetime Fitness


The MVC are thrilled to partner once again with Life Time Fitness and to have the opportunity to train with two amazing trainers that help us all season long to be game-day read.

Our trainers, Ryan Svenby and Dave Galler, help us in many different ways to make sure we are healthy, strong and have the proper tools to be the best athletes we can be. They make sure we are educated on nutrition so we can fuel our bodies with proper nutrients, and they teach us new workouts that are constantly challenging our bodies. They lead us in a pre-practice workout twice per week, which allows us to warm up and protect our bodies from injury. Above all else, our trainers are there for us to ensure we are properly equipped to lead an all-around healthy lifestyle that is expected of us as Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders. Ryan, who has been training the MVC for eight years, loves how dedicated we all are to overall health and wellness.

"You guys make our jobs easy," Ryan said.

We are so thankful for Ryan and Dave and can't wait to show the fans how hard we have been working this season. Thank you, Life Time Fitness!

-Gretta, 2Nd year

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