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Randy Moss and Deion Sanders Make an Awesome 2-on-2 Challenge While Gone Fishing

The ultimate duo has teamed up and gone fishing.

Vikings legendary wide receiver Randy Moss and legendary defensive back Deion Sanders have been spending some quality time out on the lake at Sanders' estate in Texas.

After the two Hall of Famers caught a pair of fish, the two joked and challenged anyone in any sport 2-on-2 challenge:

"We banged a double man," Moss said.

"We ain't even playing baseball and we hitting doubles," Sanders laughed. "Whoever want some, get at us. Whoever want to go 2-on-2. I don't care if it's baseball, basketball, football, whatever ya'll want! What ya'll want to do?"

Following the challenge, Moss joked that they would take on any pair in any sport other than football.

Small forward Paul George of the Oklahoma City Thunder fired back to the challenge on Twitter:

Even Vikings legend Cris Carter, who paired up with Moss to form one of the most successful dual receiving threats in NFL history chimed in on the tweet:

Host of The Bass Master Classic Dave Mercer and his crew would happily take on the challenge as long as it's on water:

The SuperFreak and PrimeTime continued to reel 'em in and enjoy their time out on the lake:

The Vikings social media account pitched in with a picture of the two matched up out on the gridiron 20 years ago in the NFL:

The pair of legends is putting out feelers for a fishing tournament in 2020.