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Postgame Quotes: Texans at Vikings

*Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer *

I think it was a good team win today. We were pretty effective in all areas. I thought the fans were great, they were nice and loud. You can still hear them with the Skol chant going on. They were loud. They helped us defensively a lot of times. They didn't convert until the last in the ball game on the third downs because they were so loud. I think they used two timeouts because of that as well. It was good to have the alumni here. It' important to me to get those guys involved. We had a bunch of alumni. I know at halftime they had a big thing and we had guys out at practice last week as well. We're going to take a little time off and then we're going to get to work.

Q: How have guys been able to step in and start on offense and find such success?

A: Well I think it's a credit to our offensive coaches. They've done a really nice job of getting guys involved. Trying to get them ready to play in a short period of time. Its also a credit to our players because they get ready to go. I talked to them last night. I talked about Jarius [Wright] getting ready to go play this week, and Jeremiah [Sirles]. It's important, and I keep saying this, we're a team. We're not a bunch of individuals. We're just going to keep fighting

Q: What is your level of concern with your offensive line depth?

A: When we keep getting guys hurt, it's always a concern. We'll continue to figure things out.

Q: What has been the key to defensive consistency?

A: Well we have good players and they do things right. I don't know, I don't think it's a big secret. I'm probably the one that underestimates them the most. Each week when we go in to game plan, I'm the most miserable person in the world trying to figure out how to stop a team. They go out and they perform. I think they like to compete. I think they like to try prove how good they can be.

Q: Could you pick a defensive MVP?

A: I don't know, it's awfully early. Five weeks. They play hard.

Q: Is the bye week coming at the right time?

A: It is for me. I can use it. Yeah, I think it is for us. Because we've played five ball games. Get a little time to recoup, hopefully get some guys healthy. There's some things that I want to work on that we haven't been able to do because of trying to game plan and things like that. So there's some things we need to get better at. Then I think it is the week after Thanksgiving we'll have the Thursday game so we'll get a little time off. Hopefully it is coming at the right time.

Q: Why have you been using the shotgun more recently?

A: Honestly, it's really just each game is different. Sometimes it's a little more that way. It just happened to be the last two weeks the defense we were playing was really the only reason.

Q: How much has Adam Thielen progressed?

A: Well he's progressed an awful lot. Adam is a tough, competitive guy now. When he gets the opportunities he makes plays. Even a week ago he catches a ball and beats a guy and makes him miss a tackle and gets a first down. This afternoon he makes a great catch on the sideline there to convert a first down. Then obviously he had a couple of those longer ones. He's a good guy. He competes every day in practice, goes hard. He's kind of the typical Viking, guys that just go in and fight.

Q: Can you talk about Cordarrelle Patterson's consistency?A: Yeah it's been great. I think I was talking on the radio a minute ago and I said, what we try to do here is we try to get our guys to understand that they have to earn the opportunity to play. When they do those things then they get their opportunities and what they do with it is up to them. He's earned the opportunity to play and I think it's good for everybody on the football team to see that when guys earn their opportunities, they get opportunities to play. He's done that and he's been doing great. He's obviously a weapon for us. I think he's taking everything that we're giving him and jumping at it and trying to do the very best he possibly can.

Q: Did you like to see him get rewarded with the touchdown?A: Yeah well that was a great throw and a great catch, both. Obviously he's a very talented guy and we're trying to figure out a lot of ways to use him and when he gets these opportunities to do things it's good. We still have a long way to go in all phases but we're going to get back to work.* *

Q: What have you been saying to Jarius Wright to keep his head high?A: I just tell him keep fighting and his opportunity will come. Last night I was in front of the team and I said, 'You know guys get opportunities and Jarius you're going to get your opportunity tomorrow.'* *

Q: What is the boost that a Marcus Sherels touchdown gives the team?A: Well everybody loves Marcus because he does anything you ask him to do. Sometimes he plays receiver on the scout team, plays DB, any position you ask him to do. Guys are hurt, he does whatever. He's a gunner, he'd do anything for you. Again, he's a lot like a lot of our guys that we have on this football team.

Q: How has your confidence in Sam Bradford grown?A: Well he's played really good the last four games I guess it is. I think he's a good player. I didn't ever not have any confidence in him, that's why we traded for him.* *

Q: But since you didn't really know Bradford before this season?A: No, but our guys in the front office, they do a pretty good job of getting to know people and understand them. He did have a pretty good pedigree. We keep him healthy, we keep him upright then he'll continue to do good things. Guys are believing in him, making good catches. He's making good checks at the line of scrimmage. He's doing good.* *

Q: What were some of the other keys on third down defensively?A: I thought we covered really well today. I thought we rushed them good. Defensively I thought we were swarming to the football pretty good today.

Q: Can you afford to have a lot of patience with TJ Clemmings?A: Well I don't know, we'll keep looking at him. I haven't seen the tape and I know he got beat a couple times today so we'll just figure out – you know this team is about finding a way. We're going to find a way. Guys need help, we're going to help them. It's no different than when we're on defense or offense or special teams, we're trying to help them.

Q: Any idea of MyCole Pruitt's injury?A: I don't know. He has an MRI tomorrow.

Q: Is it the same knee?A: I don't believe so, no.* *



*Vikings Quarterback Sam Bradford *

Q: How big was it for the offense to score on those first couple of drives?

A: Starting fast is something that we've talked about the past couple of weeks. It seems like it's taken us a little bit to get into a rhythm. So, it was nice to kind of start the way we did and play with a lead. I think when we play ahead and give our defense a chance to get after the passer, I think that it's pretty tough on the team.

Q: How did the early usage of shotgun help with getting the offense going?

A: I'd have to go back and look at it to be honest. I really haven't thought about it like that. You know we liked some of our stuff against their nickel people kind of in spread. Even when they had base with a 4-4 personnel on the field, we feel like we can spread them out a little bit and kind of put it in the air. There were some matchups one-on-one that we liked with different guys, so I think it was a good use of our personnel. Today we showed them quite a few different looks. But, to start fast and start the way we did is really key to us.

Q: Before you came here did you realize that there was that much speed when it came to the playmakers on offense?

A: No, I really didn't know much about this team at all to be honest before I got here. I think I learn a little bit more each week. I think we've definitely got a lot of playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. A lot of guys that we feel if can get the ball in their hands, then good things will happen.

Q: Did you say anything extra in the huddle after losing another offensive lineman early in the game?

A: No, I think that's been the greatest thing about this team so far just its resiliency. We've overcome a lot of hurdles and some adversity early in the year. I think everyone understands when somebody goes down it just means it's an opportunity for the next guy to come in and step up and play well unfortunately. We've had a lot of guys answer the call.

Q: What did you think about Adam Thielen today? What have you learned about him?

A: Yes, obviously I'm learning more about it. How a guy like that goes undrafted is kind of hard to believe especially when you look at the way he's played this year. Obviously, with (Stefon) Diggs down today we moved Adam around quite a bit. He just made plays all over the field for us in the slot, outside, a variety of different routes. To have a guy like Thielen who can step up and have a 100-yard game when Diggs is out is huge to us.

Q: It seems the offense has been improving each week, it that indicative of your growing comfort level with the offense and chemistry with your teammates?

A: Yeah, I think it's just a combination of it all. I think just us being together, learning how we play together. I think a little bit of it too is when you lose Adrian (Peterson) against Green Bay that kind of changed things a little bit. I think you've seen more spread from us. I think you've seen some of the gun runs, more of the quick-game passing attacks from the shotgun. I think that's a little bit different than what the offense has done in the past. I think it's just us getting to know each other, us getting familiar with where we're going as an offense. But, I think it's just guys buying in.

Q: What have you seen from Cordarrelle Patterson in practice and did you see a big game coming from him?

A: Yeah, I did. I love CP. He's just one of those guys who has energy every day. His smile out there at practice. He's just fun to be around. I think the guys feed off of it. He's had a great past few weeks of practice. Like I said last week, he's a guy that we're going to continue to him involved. Obviously, today just like Adam (Thielen) with (Stefon) Diggs down, we knew that he was going to have to make some plays for us and he did.

Q: When are we going to see you go deep on one of those wildcat plays?

A: Ask Norv (Turner) that.

Q: You guys are the only undefeated team in the NFC, could you have envisioned this and how do you feel about it?

A: Obviously, it's a great start. You couldn't ask for anything than being 5-0 going into your bye week. You know, like Coach Zimmer said after the game, it's still a lot of work this team needs to do. I think they're still rooting for us to improve and I think that's our mindset going forward. We're not satisfied. It's early in the year and we haven't accomplished anything yet. We're going to continue to try and get better.

Q: Is the bye week going to be a good thing for this team or do you just want to ride the momentum?

A: I think we're a little banged up right now, especially on the offensive side of the ball. So, hopefully with the bye week we can get some guys healthy and get some guys back when we comeback after the bye.

Q: Were Thielen's big plays due to game planning or the defense taking him lightly or just him getting open?

A: I think it was just him getting open. Obviously, we knew he was going to be the guy that kind of had to get us going with (Stefon) Diggs down. Game plan-wise we did have some shots in there for him. But, I thought he did a great job from the first drive on. He just went out there, got open and made plays.

Q: Was the touchdown a designed double-move that he put on the guy?

A: Yeah.

Q: Does Thielen remind you of anybody?

A: You'd probably have to give me more time to think about that one.

Vikings Offensive Guard Alex Boone

Q: What's going through your head when Brandon Fusco goes down early?

A: You know what's going through our head is there's still a game to play. So let's go. You want to be undefeated, it's going to cost you a lot. We hope that Brandon (Fusco) is okay, hope to see him back soon, but for the most part we don't have time to sit around. We have to go.

Q: What did you see from Zac Kerin and the other guys?

A: Thought they did great, as guys have been. They know their role; they know that as soon as they get in there they're not playing anymore. The Houston defense was fired up. It was a good game overall for everybody.

Q: What was your backup game at tackle? Would it have been you sliding outside?

A: God, don't say that please. It's been so long since I've had a tackle rep. I don't know and I don't want to think about that so let's move on to the next question please.

Q: An NFL football team is not supposed to be 5-0 having lost half of their offensive starters. It's definitely not.

A: You know, we're dinged up up front. This bye week could not come any sooner. We're looking forward to a week off and hopefully getting some guys back.

Q: Everybody says 'next man up.' Any team can say that but what is it that you guys have done?

A: It's literally next man up. And it's barbaric to say but at the end of the day if you're going to say it you might as well do it. The guys have stepped up great here. (Jeremiah) Sirles, Zac Kerin, TJ (Clemmings). We've lost three offensive lineman and the other guys have stepped in great and have done a phenomenal job.

Vikings Wide Receiver Adam Thielen

Q: How'd that feel today?

A: It feels good, but it feels a lot better that we are going 5-0 into the bye week and now we can rest up and get back to work.

Q: Knowing you were going to be without Stefon Diggs, was that a little bit of pressure on the guys playing that they need to step it up a bit?

A: Yeah, we know we have a lot of good receivers on this team and that we have a lot of weapons on the offensive side of the ball and we just have to make sure that when the ball is in the air we have to go get the ball and make our offense move.

Q: With each week that goes by are you getting more and more comfortable with Bradford back there? It looked like you were locked in today.

A: Yeah, I think that from the first day he came in, just the way he practices and stays after it and is locked in. It's pretty easy to get comfortable with a guy like that and a guy that just trusts whoever's in there and trusts whoever's in there to go make a play.

Q: Are you ready for us to stop asking questions about you as a feel good story and it just becomes the expectation?

A: I think so, I'm just playing football and that's what I love to do. I just want to play to the best of my ability

Q: What is it with the offense, you keep having these injuries and keep losing starters to injuries, but you haven't seemed to miss a beat on offense.

A:  Yeah, I think it just shows how deep we are on both sides of the ball. It's a testament to the GM and coaches and coaches preparing the guys. A lot of good football players in here.

Q: Were you pretty sure you were going to start for several days or did it go up to game time?

A: No, you have to practice like you play. Even when I was on practice squad I practiced like I was going to play, so you just have to prepare like you were going to start and whatever happens happens.

Vikings Defensive End Brian Robison

Q: I know you say it's not all about the sacks, but you personally got two today. What is it about this defense?

A: We just go out and we do our job. I can't say enough about these guys that are in the D-line room with me. It's not all about me, it's not all about the guys that get sacks. It's really about our defensive line as a whole. At the end of the day, no one man can do any of the things that we've done without each other. That's the special thing about our group.

Q: You talked about the offense briefly, after everything they've been through, what can you say about them?

A: I can't say enough about those guys. They've faced a lot of adversity this year, and they keep coming into the games and figuring out a way to get it done. Sam Bradford is playing lights out. That O-line, with the guys that they've had to shuffle and everything else like that, they're putting their heart out each and every day. I really can't say enough for those guys. Every time somebody goes down, somebody steps up and they play well. Hats off to them.

Q: What's it like to play on this defense?

A: It's fun. It really is. At the end of the day this is probably one of the most fun defenses I've ever played on. We've got a great group of guys. We just got to keep doing what we've been doing, and at the end of the day we'll have our opportunity to hopefully be able to call ourselves one of the best.

Q: You guys have set such a high standard, when you don't get that sack or when he slides off, do you get mad at yourself?

A: Absolutely. At the end of the day, we're always trying to do something extra. We're always trying to make a play, but it all starts with doing our job. That's a special thing, that nobody is selfish in this defense, but we are so competitive at times that I think that's what makes us great right now.* *

Q: Is this an unselfish group?

A: Absolutely, I think at the end of the day when you look at our group, we're about one thing and one thing only, and that's winning. Guys aren't out for themselves to pad the stats, they're not going out there and being selfish and putting others in bad situations, we go out there and do our job and we do what we need to do within the scheme of the defense. If we keep doing that, we've got some great things that can happen moving forward.

Q: No quarterback has looked comfortable against this defense this year. Is that the goal, to rattle and hurry those guys?

A: Absolutely. Number one, it always starts with stopping the run. That's going to be any team we play. We have to stop the run and put them in those situations where they have to throw the ball. Once we get them in those situations, that's what we want to do. It's not necessarily all about sack numbers or things like that. At the end of the day we want to get a bunch of sacks, but what is more important to us is making sure we're getting hits on the quarterback, that we're getting around and frustrating him, that we're having him move around in the pocket and do some things that they don't want to do, because now they can't sit there and look downfield for a 50-yard bomb. They have to pay attention to where we're at up front.

Vikings Linebacker Chad Greenway

Q: What are you going to do over the bye week to recuperate?

A: Keep preparing, we'll have a couple days of practice and work and have a couple of days off and come back.

Q: What's going on with this team?

A: It's getting fun to have a group of guys that are really playing well together and our back end and our front four are just playing lights out. We're playing pretty well, defensively it's gotten to be a lot of fun. I think our offense really played well today. (Marcus) Sherels with a great return and we can do this hopefully every week.

Q: Do you think the early lead helped?

A: Yeah I think it bodes into our style of play. It definitely helps us in what we try to do. At the same time it's about us to continue to apply pressure and they're a good offense with great weapons.

Q: Is this potentially one of the best defenses right now?

A: Yeah, so far things have gone well. But, things can change quickly in this league. There's nothing accomplished until we reach the ultimate goal. Win the Super Bowl, that's the goal. Your numbers don't mean a thing unless you go do that. That's what we're worried about, wins and that's it.

Q: Is this defense taking on Coach Zimmer's personality?

A: I think your team does that naturally with a coach, good or bad. He [Coach Zimmer] embodies this football team and we obviously respond to him.

Vikings Cornerback Captain Munnerlyn

Q: What is it about this team to lose players left and right, and ordinarily teams might be phased by that. Like Stefon Diggs did not play and it is okay.

A: Next man up, it is next man up mentality in this locker room. We lose [Teddy] Bridgewater, the front office went out and got a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback. We lose [Adrian] Peterson, and [Jerick] McKinnon and [Matt] Asiata come in and have not lost a beat. Then Diggs goes down and [Adam] Thielen has a big time game. It is just the next man up mentality. In this locker room, we know the show must go on no matter what, and we go out there and try to compete.

Q: Who sets the tone for the next man?

A: It starts with Coach Zimmer and then trickles down to the assistant coaches and then down to us. Coach Zimmer let us know that no one is going to feel sorry for us in this league. The game is still going to be played Sunday at noon. Nobody will feel sorry for us, so we are going to go out there and compete at a very high level and get these wins.

Q: What has it been like to watch Thielen grow up?

A: I have seen him grow up over the past three years. He gets better each and every practice. He works against us in practice getting better, and giving us fits catching all types of balls. The kid is special, and I am glad he is my teammate. He has worked real hard from being a special teamer to today, being the number one guy.

Q: What was it like the see Marcus Sherels run back another punt return for a touchdown?

A: That is Sherels, as you saw he didn't celebrate or nothing and just walked back to the sideline. We were joking with him at the end of the game when they had the camera on him and he looked away. He does not want all the attention, he is just a player. He is a football player who loves the game, and he plays with a lot of passion that he is not going to show.

Q: Sherels keeps breaking his own records, does he get excited about these?

A: I don't think he gets excited at all, he just wants to get better. He tries to get better each and every day. He is a guy that has been through a lot, from an undrafted rookie, to a walk on at the University of Minnesota, and to work his way to the NFL. Even to guys questioning if he will make the roster, and he comes out and proves himself every year. He is a special athlete, and maybe the best athlete on the team. He is a guy that can do everything.

Q: How big of a game was this from the perspective of both sides of the ball?

A: It was big on all three phases. You have the punt return that was big and the offense took care of the football and that is key. We did not turn the ball over and we made plays. We made plays defensively and tried to keep them off the board, and the special teams did their job with the punt return for a touchdown.

Vikings Wide Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson

Q: Describe your TD catch.

A: Oh man, it was a blessing and Sam Bradford did a heck of a job putting the ball right there at the right time. Last week we actually worked on the play at practice and that play was called and he actually did a good job getting it to me.

Q:  The offense is missing half of the guys that were supposed to be starting with at the beginning of the year. How are you guys doing this with so many different guys coming in?

A: We are all in the league and next man up is what we preach around here. Everybody is hungry and everyone's having fun. I feel like everyone in this organization is having fun, not just football players, you know the coaches, players, PR guys, everyone's having fun. That's what we like and we want to keep smiles on everybody's faces and keep proving people wrong and just keep going out there and doing it.

Q: You and Adam Thielen have been close since you both have been in the league. What was it like for you when you both caught touchdowns today?

A: Oh man, Adam. It's hard work, hard work he put in and it makes me work harder every day. Since I got here we've leaned on each other for whatever and we're always texting each other, before the game, after, during the week, to stay on top of each other and just seeing him go out there and have the day he had, you know I'm just lost for words. He's like a little/big brother to me and when he does good things it just makes me push myself to go out and push myself and do things harder.

Q: You and Marcus Sherels work a lot together on special teams. What was it like to see him get into the end zone today?

A:  He's so quiet. You can't say much to him but once he has the ball in his hand he's so explosive. Those other guys did a heck of a job blocking for him. It seems that if you kick it to Marcus, he's going to make you pay for it. I'm so happy for him. Let's go make a difference each and every game and that's what we've been doing these last five weeks.

Q: For Sam Bradford to come in as quickly as he has, it's not just learning the offense, but having to develop timing with the receivers. What is it about him that helped him do that as quickly as he did?

A: I don't know, you'll have to ask Sam. The things he's done is mind-blowing. To come in that quick and just do the things he's been doing, that's really something you can ask Sam. I just hope he keeps doing what he's been doing.

Vikings Linebacker Eric Kendricks

Q: What are you going to do as a team during this bye week?

A: Get better. Get in the film room, study our next opponent. I believe we play the Eagles. I'm just going to enjoy this win right now, a lot of emotions going on. We played great, we had an enthusiastic first quarter and got the job done.

Q: Your team was able to frustrate Houston with players from all different levels of the field, how was that?

A: That is our tactic. Everyone is required to do their job and communicate well. We did that today, we communicated very well.

Q: Your very good at covering running backs out of the backfield, is a big part of your game doing just that?

A: I better be able to guard those guys. I just listen to the call and do what they tell me.

Q: What is the theme of your defense?

A:  I think it's always communication. Knowing their looks on offense and just playing off that. We know what they wanted to give us and they always come out with a theme. They played their theme right away and then they started going away from it. We just have to play off that.

Vikings Safety Harrison Smith

Q: How do you feel being 5-0 going into the bye week?

A: It feels good, we're not really worried about the bye week.

Q: What does it mean to you to be at this point despite all the injuries?

A: It's not really something that we dwell on too much. If you're on the field you're expected to make plays. This is how we play, nothing crazy about it. This is our mentality, it's genuine and this is how we do things around here.

Q: The team seemed to play fast today, did you notice the speed of the defense?

A: Yeah, people talk about the speed of the game and all that. I think that when you know what your job is then you can play fast. We're not overthinking stuff, we're just playing fast.

Q: Did Andrew Sendejo jump in front of you and take an interception you could have had?

A: Nah, that was his play. He caught it so that's more than I can say about myself.

Q: So by playing faster you know where you are going more?

A: Yeah, absolutely. The players go out and do it, but the coaches allow us. They don't bog us down by giving us too much or having us overthink it. They tell us what's going on and we go out and execute.

Vikings Wide Receiver Jarius Wright

Q: Are you like a fan when you're watching Marcus Sherels scoring those touchdowns?

A:  Marcus is one of my favorite players on the team. When I first got here I was partly training with Marcus so I got a chance to understand Marcus as a person more than just a football player. No matter what, I cheer for Marcus because he's always been a playmaker, he always gets the job done, is a friend, and family.

Q: Was it tough to accept your new role?

A: You know, it is tough to do. Just knowing I could help the team. But, also just knowing our receivers have been making plays. I was a little frustrated, but at the same time I can't say that I was happy, but I was happy with what the guys were getting done on the field.

Q: Have you seen progress from Adam Thielen in practice?

A: He's just continuing to get better each and every day, each and every week. I can't give him enough credit on how he's handled himself the past two years. He's out there making plays. We expect that our guys go out there and make plays. That's an expectation. Just seeing him getting out there and doing it is exciting.

Vikings Tight End Kyle Rudolph

Q: You are one of the top rated tight ends in the league how does that feel?

A: We are five weeks into the season, and we have five wins, so that is really all that matters. It was great to see guys step up today in our offense. Guys like Adam Thielen and Jarius Wright. They did some things to limit me and it was awesome to see the other guys step up when they had their opportunity.

Q: What is about this team, what Bradford is bringing and what Thielen did today?

A: You look at what we have gone through the last six week, and every time we think we are through adversity, somebody else goes down and someone else has to step up. It was awesome to see Thielen and Wright got some huge catches for us. We got the run game going. When we are balanced and can run the football we have a lot of playmakers on the outside that can make plays as well.

Q: Is the next man up the Zimmer effect?

A: Absolutely, it is the mindset coach Zimmer has instilled throughout our organization over the last three years. We feel like no matter who we have up, if we play the way we are supposed to, and play with the mentality that is smart disciplined football, we will like the end result in the fourth quarter. Guys have bought into that and we know it is important for guys to step up if we want to keep this thing going, but we hate to have guys go down.

Q: The fans seemed to be quieter when you guys were out there on offense, but they ramped it up when the defense was out.

A: Yeah, the fans have been awesome. The noise is coming from sheer excitement, and I think every time it has been a little noisy for us it is after a big play, after a big first down, so that is going to happen. We are okay with that, a little bit of noise is alright. We love it when they are loud when the defense is on the field, and U.S. Bank Stadium has been incredible so far.

Q: It looks like you guys have been able to get in a groove in shotgun. Has that played into you guys finding that balance?

A: Absolutely, it is important for us to be able to get a fast start. We did today just like last week as well. When we get off to a fast start and we are rolling and running the football, whether under center or in shotgun, it makes it really tough on defenses to defend us because we have so many playmakers on the outside as shown again today with Thielen and Wright.

Vikings Defensive Tackle Tom Johnson

Q: It seems that day in and day out, this defensive line comes up with something. Brian Robison said it's the most fun he's had playing D-line. How about you?

A: I agree with him. This is one of the best D-lines I've actually played with. I think it's just that everybody is selfless. Our coach set up a game plan for each one of us to win, and tonight it just ended up panning out that way. I know I was able to make a sack, and I think Everson had two of them that were called back for crazy penalties. But with the collective group we wound up with the win.

Q: Are you an unselfish group?

A: Definitely. We've got a lot of leadership in that room. A lot of older guys, a lot of experienced guys, and they know that when you got so much talent inside of one room, that's when you've got to be able to exploit guys sometimes. I think that this is only the beginning of what we can actually be. It's week 6 and we got 10 more weeks to go.

Q: There's respect for the quarterbacks, but you can see each and every week when you get them visibly upset and that rattles the offense. Do you guys kind of like that?

A: Definitely. You can see that a lot of those teams are changing what they like to do. Guys that like to be in four or five, six or seven step drops are staying shallow, three or four. Guys that like to be real deep, to have their tackles one on one with our ends, they're not doing that. They're chipping out, having some back up. That's part of the respect that they're giving us, and at some point they're going to have to go to what they like, and that's going to open our game plan up.

Q: Do you think that sometimes the sack goes to whoever the fastest guy is?

A: Definitely. We had a few of those tonight. He was trying to scramble and everything, and you're seeing all of us swarming to him. The fastest guy, the first guy to touch, gets the sack.

Q: With Hunter, Everson and you, especially on that last one, it really is whoever gets there first.

A: I was trying to steal that, I was trying to test him, but he had already got him. But it's always good, it's always fun, with guys flying around, we all feed off of one another and at the end of the day somebody is going to get back there.

Q: Do you sense a big difference in team speed? It just looked like they didn't have an answer for team speed all day?

A: Oh yeah. Like I said, anybody is capable of winning at any time. Everybody has speed, everybody has got to have power, Linval had a couple of them that he held a guy and jerked him and got a quarterback hit. I think that everybody is deadly, so the offense has a lot on their plate trying to stop all of us at one time.

Vikings Cornerback Xavier Rhodes

Q: Could you sense those guys were getting frustrated?

A: I don't know. We just had great coverage. Our D-line was getting there. We were just playing great defense.

Q: When you're shutting down receivers like that, can you feel those guys getting frustrated? I know you got into Beckham's head last week, but do you just kind of feel that even this week with Hopkins?

A: I feel like I did an okay job today. He got a touchdown and caught a couple of balls, but you know that Hopkins is one of the best receivers out there, so I knew he was going to compete. I've been going against that dude since college. There's a lot of love between us, and he's just a good guy.

Q: When you say you've been going against him since college, it's been kind of that one of one situation right?

A: It was a great day. We were talking at the end of the game; we told each other that it's always a good battle. We always battle, and it was good going against him again.

Q: We saw Sendejo come up with the huge interception. If it's not you one week, someone else. Talk about the depth on this team.

A: We just hold everybody accountable. Everybody is doing what they need to do on this defense and on this team, period. If it isn't one person, it's always another. There's always one heartbeat. Somebody is always going to pick up somewhere, so it's a great thing that you can completely trust and believe in anyone on this team.

Q: You guys have now for five games in a row frustrated the quarterback first and the rest of the offense second. Can you tell when that happens, can you see that outward frustration?

A: We're just out there playing ball. We just get the calls, and whatever the coaches call we play it to the best of our ability. So far it's been going well, and we need to continue to do that.

Q: Is pretty sweet to be able to sit and watch this week as an undefeated team?

A: Absolutely. It's a great feeling.

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