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Outside of the MVC, a Veteran Perspective


Being a Minnesota Viking's Cheerleader means that you understand how to represent a top brand in a professional manner. Because of this, you learn as an MVC that those qualities spill over into your personal life. This is my 4th year as an MVC, and I can truly say it has been one amazing journey!!

Being a veteran on this team means the coaching staff expect more and more growth from you each year. I find this to be the most challenging with being a seasoned vet. Not only do you have coaches expectations, but you also have to support each batch of new rookies that come on the team.

I also have learned to carry those expectations outside of being an MVC. The MVC work ethic can be seen with my school work, as this year I am finishing my senior year of college. It can also be seen with my current job, where I stay extremely organized and prepared thanks to the MVC!

As one can see, one can learn a lot from being an MVC and the qualities you learn definitely carry over outside of the role. I absolutely love it, and wouldn't change it for the world!

Written by,

Kayla C, 4th year MVC

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