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New Vikings Stadium News & Notes - 2/13

Additional Funding Finalized, Including $2.3 million from Vikings

During this morning's monthly Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority meeting, it was announced that an additional $14.3 million dollars coming from private and team funding will be added to the budget, bringing the overall cost of the new stadium to $1.041 billion.

Nearly all of the dollars will go towards the stadium's food service equipment budget, allowing fans to receive some of the best stadium food in the country in a timely manner, maximizing time to catch game action. Of the $14 million, the stadium's food service provider, Aramark, will chip in $10 million while the Vikings and SMG will each contribute an additional $2 million.

The Vikings also added an additional $301,673 that will go towards carpeting and epoxy flooring upgrades in various stadium spaces.

Nearly 40% of Stadium Construction Complete; 1,000,000 million hours completed

Mortenson Construction representatives told MSFA board members this morning that the stadium is approximately 40% complete, an amazing feat when considering a portion of the old Metrodome was still standing at this time last year.

Recently, the first queen's post truss on the stadium's south side, the third overall on the project, was installed on site. The fourth queen's post truss will be installed later this month leaving just seven left. The installation of this latest queen's post truss placement means that the project continues to be on track for a July 2016 opening. The February 3 installation date was nearly identical to the one established at this time last year as part of the development process.

Over 80,000 cubic yards of concrete have been poured on site to date, nearly 80% of the entire concrete that will be necessary for the completion of the stadium. Two more structured decks will be poured next month.

According to Mortenson construction, today will mark 1,000,000 hours of construction work. Currently 800 people are working on site daily, a number that will peak at nearly 1,200 this summer.

A Look Ahead: Construction to Continue Moving at a Rapid Pace During Upcoming Months

Also included in today's construction update was a look at upcoming milestones. Concrete breaker beams will be completely installed in May and the ring beam will be done in June, marking significant moments in the construction process. The roof's fifth ridge truss will be installed at the end of the month with only two more to follow. Currently snow deflectors are being assembled on site and will begin being installed next month.

One of the stadium's signature pieces, the clear ETFE roof, will begin to be installed in June. Currently all of the ETFE is stored in Minnesota as it awaits installation.

Steel beams for the five pivoting doors on the stadium's west side, the largest pivoting doors in the world, will arrive this summer.

First Tower Crane to Disassemble Next Month

The first of the five tower cranes currently in operation on the stadium site is scheduled to be disassembled next month, just 14 months after the cranes began arriving on site in January 2014.

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