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New Vikings Stadium News & Notes - 11/1

Ring Beam Installation Begins

This week another construction milestone was reached as installation of the new stadium's ring beam began. Consisting of concrete with steel reinforcement running both horizontally and vertically, ring beams are a type of support used in construction to connect walls and columns together to increase the load capacity. In this case, the ring beam creates a structural diaphragm at the top of the stadium's columns in order to support the roof trusses and transfer the load to the columns.

Clear Stadium Roof Makes First Appearance on Construction Site

Clear is the new retractable.

On Thursday, construction workers spent the afternoon installing an on-site mock-up of the ETFE roof that will ultimately cover 60% of the new Vikings stadium and provide fans with an outdoor feel in a climate-controlled environment.

Placement of ETFE on the stadium's roof is expected to begin next summer, and the stadium will be fully enclosed by late Fall 2015. Given that the new material is now on site, we thought it might be time for an ETFE refresher course.

Community March/Rally Planned for Sunday; Pre-Game Congestion Expected

Due to a community march and rally scheduled to take place on the University of Minnesota campus and outside of TCF Bank Stadium this Sunday prior to the Washington game, the Vikings are strongly encouraging fans to arrive early and to utilize alternate routes to the stadium in order to avoid pre-game traffic and congestion issues.

The community march will begin on Church Street/17th Avenue at 9:30 a.m. and move north to University Avenue. From University Avenue, the march will move east for approximately four blocks before reaching the final rally destination south of TCF Bank Stadium. Fans should particularly take note that the Minneapolis Police plan to close two of the three lanes of University Avenue from approximately 9:30-10:00 a.m. The south lane of University is currently expected to remain open during the march, and at the conclusion of the march, all lanes of University will once again be open for vehicles.

In order to avoid congestion issues, the Vikings are reminding fans of the following two convenient park and ride options:

State Fairgrounds – Lot 108

Approximately 1,500 spaces are available for tailgating on Lot 108 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. At a cost of $20, fans can park and tailgate in the lot before University buses pick them up, travel down the University's Transitway and drop fans off directly in front of TCF Bank Stadium for an expected total ride of less than 10 minutes. Fans can purchase season or single-game parking passes for the State Fairgrounds (St. Paul Lot) here.

East Downtown Lots

Fans can also access surface lots north of the old Metrodome/new stadium construction site as a cheap game day parking option. For just $10, fans can enter on the corner of 4th Street and Chicago Avenue, tailgate in the neighborhood in which they are accustomed, hop on the Green Line at the Downtown East location and arrive in front of TCF Bank Stadium minutes later. Fans can purchase passes for these lots here (Please note due to the heavy use of the Green Line, fans should prepare to leave the lots early in order to ensure arrival prior to kickoff).

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