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New Boots on the Block: Meet the 2014 MVC Rookies


After intense auditions in April, twelve rookies were selected to wear the boots this season. Although they may be new to the NFL, our rookie class has some serious dance experience behind those pretty smiles. From college championship winners to former MVC Training Program members and professional dancers, they bring a wide variety of experience to the MVC team. Some had tried out to be a MVC for years, while others wowed the judges at their first audition. With a lot of hard work, expert coaching, and a little red lipstick, they are ready to wear the boots this season, and make our team proud!  Skol Vikes!!!

It is a pleasure to introduce to you, our 2014 MVC Rookies:

Courtney(Big Lake, MN)- Outside of the MVC, Courtney works with Autistic children. Her big heart makes her an essential member of the team. Oh yeah, she also has three national championship rings from her D1 college dance team.

Ellen(Forest Lake, MN)- Ellen loves maroon and gold almost as much as she loves purple and gold. She is currently studying Journalism at the University of Minnesota, so TCF Bank Stadium feels like home.

Elyssa (Maple Grove, MN)- This year's fitness themed MCV calendar is right up Elyssa's alley. This talented rookie has competed in multiple figure and fitness competitions throughout the state. 

Giana (Sartell, MN)- Outside of the MVC Giana loves to travel around the world. However, her favorite place is right here at TCF Bank Stadium.

Jenna (Eden Prairie)- Jenna began her pro dancing career with the Minnesota Swarm. From the lacrosse field to the football field, Jenna's smile lights up any performance. Outside of the MVC, she works as a dental hygienist. 

Jordan(Plymouth, MN)- When she isn't sporting pom poms and the Helga uniform, Jordan works part time as a stylist. She wants to be a fashion buyer for a local company after graduation.

Kaia(Ramsey, MN)- The most bubbly and outgoing MVC rookie is Kaia! This girl next door loves children and works as a nanny while also going to school. Kaia's dancing showcases her sweet and sassy personality!

Mariah (Lino Lakes, MN)- Mariah's connection to the MVC began far before open auditions. Her Aunt was a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader in the 80's! Mariah's worth ethic and positive disposition combined with her glamorous look make her an amazing addition to the MVC.

Parey (Brooklyn Park, MN)- Parey's dancing ability doesn't end with cheering. She grew up as a studio dancer and has trained with a professional dance company in Minneapolis. Lucky for us she decided to trade in her ballet shoes for boots!

Rachel (New Brighton, MN)- Meet our blonde bombshell Rachel! Rachel has both brains and beauty. Outside of the MVC, she studies communications at the University of St. Thomas. She also enjoys spending time with her family. 

Taylor (Lakeville, MN)- Taylor raised the bar this year during the MVC Swimsuit Pageant when she was named part of the "Top 10". But if somehow her beauty doesn't win you over, her laidback and loving personality will.

Ting Ting (Northfield, MN)- If you are ever having a bad day, talk to Ting Ting! Her positive attitude and infectious smile brighten every MVC practice. Outside of the MVC, Ting Ting is hard at work pursuing a Master's degree.

Written by,

MVC Giana

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