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MVC Sponsor Spotlight: Lifetime Fitness


The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders have some amazing sponsors to be thankful for, including Life Time Fitness.

On top of memberships that allow us to keep our fitness levels high for game day, Life Time has given our team the opportunity to start each practice with a specialized workout created by a few of their Personal Trainers.

Ryan Svenby, from Life Time Lakeville, has been working with our team for an impressive 10 seasons. Ryan is passionate about performance enhancement and corrective exercise. Dave Galler, also from Life Time Lakeville, started working with the former MVC Training Program and has now been with the MVC for five seasons. Dave starts with making sure everyone has proper movements for a solid foundation and then builds a progressive program to ensure the team is in peak condition for game day. Kevin Klein, from Life Time Eagan, also trained the MVC Training Program team for two years and this year is training the MVC for the first time. These three are simultaneously putting 42 girls through workouts, keeping technique on point and discussing recovery and specific training techniques to anyone that needs a little extra help or advice every Tuesday and Thursday.

Our trainers test our fitness and endurance four times a year during what we refer to as "Power Team." These practice nights include testing our 5K run time, pull ups, push-ups, sit ups, plank, 40-yard dash, "killers," broad jump distance and flexibility in all three splits. We finish the night off with completing a football field's length of walking lunges as fast as we can.

Our trainers and coaches push us for important reasons. Game day is a high intensity interval workout that lasts around five hours when totaling up our morning on-field practice, pregame and end zone performances and dancing on the sidelines. We greatly appreciate the time and effort that our trainers and coaches put into helping us stay fit!

"Training the Vikings Cheerleaders has been a blast so far," Kevin said. "I love the always-positive attitude towards health and fitness. Every girl is truly motivated to live and breathe the healthy way of life. I enjoy working with them weekly to build strength, stability and endurance so that they can perform at their optimal level each and every week throughout the season."

This year we have also been given the wonderful opportunity to utilize a nutritional coach, Katie Christianson.

"My role with the MVC is to lead the team with a well-rounded understanding of nutrition," Katie said. "Topics range from understanding the nutrient breakdown and digestion process of different types of foods to forming important habits such as a meal-prepping and grocery shopping. In addition to nutrition, I highlight the importance of recovery, hydration, supplementation and support. My passion is to empower each woman to confidently fuel her body with proper nutrients to achieve her performance and lifestyle goals!"

Bridget Carlson – 2nd Year MVC