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MVC Sponsor Spotlight: GTM


Hey Vikings fans!

It's another exciting year to have GTM Sportswear sponsoring the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders and of course, we are thrilled to have them by or side. The MVC are just one of the many NFL Cheer teams sponsored by GTM Sportswear.  Each season they provide us with great apparel and this year is no different. With over 300 appearances a year it is so helpful to have such a variety of apparel at our disposal and have us looking so glam. GTM also supplies optional attire to the other programs within the MVC.  We can even order additional gear for our friends and family.  Sarah Johnson is our GTM representative and an MVC alumni no less! She helps to design the attire and keeps everything running smoothly. Go Sarah!

GTM Sportswear has proved year after year what a great sponsor they are to the MVC.  They know just how much we enjoy our sparkles since our two warmup jackets were made with some serious bling! On behalf of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, we would like to express our sincerest thanks and gratitude for all you have done over the years.

Please feel free to visit GTM Sportswear website to find your next outfit now!!


Written by

Michelle, 3rd year MVC

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