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MVC Sponsor: Expressions MD

What an amazing sponsor we have in Expressions MD! This is the place to go if you're in need of a rejuvenating facial or require expertise in finding the perfect regimen for your skin.  They are a premiere medical spa and laser center that is dedicated to bringing aesthetic services to all it's customers.

The MVC are blessed to have Expressions MD provide facials throughout the year that keep us looking and feeling our best.  Spending hours outside on the football field and applying several applications of make up on game day means that our skin undergoes a lot of stress.  Services like microderm abrasion and dermaplaning rejuvenate our skin and keep us looking fresh throughout the season!

Another added benefit of Expressions is their luxury mineral makeup line, Colorescience. This make up includes high quality ingredients while providing sun protection and a widespread variety of products. The MVC absolutely love getting to try out new colors and fine tuning our look for the season!

I have been extremely satisfied and amazed at the transformation my skin has undergone since the beginning of the season.  Frequent visits to Expressions and taking care of my skin will be an important part of my routine moving forward. If you haven't had the opportunity to visit them yet you should take the opportunity to do so! You definitely won't be disappointed!!

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MVC Jenna, 1st year

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