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Trying out for the team can be super intimidating no matter if you know someone, have tried out before, or you're brand new to the organization. There is no better way to loosen up your limbs (and your nerves) by attending the MVC Prep Classes. Prep Classes go over what tryouts will be like, gets you prepared for the big day of open auditions, and allows you to meet other girls trying out! Being able to test out what it feels like to dance on turf and especially in Winter Park really helps take off some of the pressure that open auditions can bring. Even if you aren't going to tryout for the MVC, come dance and learn from some of the best in the league!

To start off the class, there is a nice long stretch that is lead by an MVC. You then go through technique (turns, leaps, kicks, hitting the crowd, etc.). Current MVC are there to give demonstrations and critiques to help you with what you need to work on so you can look your absolute best at opens! Each week you learn a new dance from an MVC (current or alumni) of all different styles (kick, jazz, pom, hip hop, etc.). You learn them quick so you are fully prepared to learn and perform dances in a short amount of time at open auditions! At the end of every prep class, you can ask any and all questions that are on your mind so that nothing is a surprise.

There is also an award given out at the end of the class called the Prep Class Stand Out Award! This award is given by the Prep Class Staff to someone who really caught their eye during the class. When you receive this award, it grants you an automatic bid to the final round of open auditions! This allows the judges to get an extra look at you before cuts are made for the semi-final round.

2016 MVC Prep Class Information:

Date: Thursdays, March 3 – March 31

Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: Winter Park – 9520 Viking Dr. Eden Prairie, MN 55344

*Please park across the street in the ramp located in the Olympic Place Building.

Cost: $20 each or $90 for all 5 sessions – Cash preferred & NO refunds

While the thought of auditions can be overwhelming, don't let it scare you away. We have all gone through it and understand how scary it can be. I will say that attending Prep Classes will get you prepared for tryouts, feeling confident, and looking your best. Prep Classes will help you through the journey of MVC Auditions and can truly help you get to the next level. I can attest to how beneficial these classes are, as I attended each Prep Class last year and was fortunate enough to make the team my first year trying out - Prep Classes were my savior!!

GOOD LUCK and we'll see you at open auditions on April 3rd!!

MVC Jordan - Rookie

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