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MVC Dance with Aerosmith

For the very first game of the season, the Vikings pulled out a WIN at the exhibition game versus the Steelers for the NFL Hall of Fame (HOF) in Canton, Ohio.  The MVC were the first NFL Cheerleading team to perform throughout the entire HOF game, and be involved in the weekend's events and appearances. The Hall of Fame weekend also included the first ever Concert for Legends, featuring Aerosmith.  During the show, the five MVC Team Captains had the opportunity to join Aerosmith on-stage for a performance to "Walk This Way." Before the show, Tami secured a Meet & Greet for two lucky MVC with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry!!

Once it was decided that the MVC were going to attend the Aerosmith concert, Tami was hard at work during the weeks prior trying to secure a performance, meet/greet, and/or other opportunities lined-up for the MVC.  After tireless stalking of Aerosmith's Tour Manager and reaching out to her network, Tami managed to secure a once in a lifetime opportunity for a Meet & Greet with Aerosmith for two lucky MVC--  Karen and myself!

After we arrived in Canton, the MVC toured the NFL Hall of Fame Experience then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the concert that night. Karen and I stayed back for the Meet & Greet.  There were about 75 fans at the Meet and Greet, and we were the last ones, so we thought we would start planning our questions during the Meet and Greet.

When it was our turn, the Tour Manager announced that we were the Vikings Cheerleaders to Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. We hadn't realized that we only had about 10 seconds to take a picture and get out of there. We quickly realized that we needed to grab their attention before taking the photo, so we got right to it! As Karen was talking to Steven about coming to the concert that evening, I quickly jumped in to say, "our WHOLE team will be there tonight, and we're actually dancing to Walk This Way at the game on Sunday!!"

Steven was over the top excited to hear that the MVC would be there, and instantly asked us to wait for photos to wrap up, so we could talk about possibly coming on-stage for Walk This Way.  After about 10 minutes, Steven walks over to Karen and I and started teaching us his infamous grapevine / kick combo that we would accompany him in performing on-stage that night.   After Tami's approval, his assistant quickly started planning the logistics for the performance.

During the concert the five Team Captains and Tami got to stand in the front row of the pit and watch the entire show.  A few songs before Walk This Way, the Tour Manager brought us backstage to change for our performance.  After a quick change backstage, we ran out and joined Steven Tyler at the front of the stage for our performance... and what will definitely go down in history as one of the most memorable nights in my MVC career!!  After the show, Steven Tyler Tweeted to the MVC, "Apparently SOME places in Minnesota aren't all that cold!"

It was definitely a night to remember!

-MVC Jacqui

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