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MVC: All P-R-O Cheerleader Convention


On the weekend of June 28th the MVC were busy jet-setting across country to Atlanta, Georgia for the annual "All P-R-O" cheerleader convention.  MVCs Kristin, Karen, Jeanne, Mollie, TingTing, Lauryn, Saral and our MVC Head Coach Tami Krause were all in attendance. The convention is two jam-packed days filled with learning choreography from coaches representing all different professional teams, meeting new friends from other teams, and of course bonding with your current teammates! The MVC greatly enjoy the comradely amongst the different NFL, NBA and all other professional sports cheerleaders! The MVC make a point each year to have strong showing at the convention.  It is clear to those in attendance that the MVC organization is highly respected in the professional cheerleading world. Our program has shaped many others nationwide, and has been continually modeled after. We are proud to set the bar high! Additionally, we must also mention that our costumes (provided by the Line Up) are always a huge hit!

Over the course of the weekend the MVC had the potential of learning 30 different dances.  Our typical plan of attack as a team is to split up in order learn all the choreography.  Then after the weekend, the All P-R-O ladies bring back their favorite routines to teach the rest of the MVC team.  Our very own Head-Coach Tami, taught two routines throughout the weekend. Her classes are always packed with girls eager to learn from her! It is obvious that Tami is respected among the professional coaches and cheerleaders for her business savvy, organization innovation and her commitment to excellence. We as MVC feel very fortunate to have her! 

Overall, it was a great weekend for the MVC spent dancing, laughing, learning and bonding. Another successful All P-R-O weekend for the books! SKOL!

Written by,

Saral, 4th year MVC

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