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MVC 2014 Calendar Cover Girls

This year is all about NEW and exciting. Vikings fans are anxiously awaiting a new gameday experience and want to see the new coaching staff take the field. As for the MVC, we are no different, and have an exciting year ahead too! We announced the new calendar concept last week, the 2014-2015 MVC Fitness Calendar! We are excited to show off the new layout, and highlight how hard each and every MVC works throughout the season.

The MVC are EXTRA lucky to feature 3 cover girls, Kaylee, Kristin and Kayla! (Pictured left to right) After a fan vote, these cover models were chosen to represent the MVC. Kaylee is a 6th year veteran, has been team captain for 3 years, and glamour captain 1 year. Kristin is a 3rd year veteran, 2nd year team captain and Kayla is a seasoned 4th year veteran. Each cover girl has the unique opportunity to represent the MVC this season, and are each blessed to have the once in a lifetime chance to do so!

Kayla was excited to see the calendar for the first time:

"Honestly, I was in total shock! It is a huge honor to be on this team with amazing, strong women, and to be chosen as one of this year's cover models is truly humbling. This calendar is something different from what we have ever had before, as it features all 35 ladies in a fitness style calendar. I am thrilled to be able to show it off! Skol Vikes!" 

Kristin had a similar reaction to this year's cover:

"To see the cover of this year's calendar was one of the coolest moments I'll ever experience. Not only to represent the MVC for the season, but also to represent the organization and fans, is truly incredible! I'm excited to have this keepsake to remember this year. It is so special and I will never forget it."

"I'm especially proud that every MVC is shown in our calendar, highlighting our level of fitness and different exercises. I love the new concept which will help give fitness tips to our fans, young and old, near and far! Being a fan of working out, and being health conscious, I'm excited to be able to share that with our community! It's so special to have every single MVC represented, and they sure do make working out look glamorous! Honestly each member of our team could be represented on the cover, so I share this with each and every girl! I feel blessed."

Kaylee is excited to be among a longstanding tradition:

"The calendar reveal has become a tradition over the years, and a night the whole MVC team (and alumni!) look forward to! This year was especially exciting because we had NO idea what the calendar was going to look like. Usually we dedicate a practice to calendar apparel fittings, where we get assigned our "look" and see each other's' as well. This year we had a whole new calendar theme, and we did not find out what we were wearing until we arrived to the shoot. Seeing the calendar for the first time was literally a shock to see each MVCs picture and "look." It made the whole experience that much more fun."

"To see my face looking back at me on the front cover of the calendar was almost a out of body experience. It didn't seem real! Not only was I thrilled to see my picture, but two other things stood out even more. First, I was ecstatic to be featured in my favorite Vikings costume. I love that I will forever have this material image of myself, in costume, during one of the most memorable moments of my life. It is a snapshot that represents the greatest 6 years of my life to date. And secondly, I was honored to be featured in the MVC calendar next to two of my dear friends, who I so greatly respect. Not only are they incredible human beings, but they are intelligent, caring, sweet, and a ton of fun! I think both Kayla and Kristin are perfect examples what it means to be "MVC" and I feel so blessed to share this memory, and cover with the both of them!"

The MVC will continue the tradition of supporting the Vikings Children's Fund and a portion of each calendar sale's proceeds go to the charity, aiding a variety of children's charities throughout the Midwest. We are proud to provide our support for them each year!

SKOL Vikes!

Written by,

Kristin, 3rd Year MVC

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